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    Sem City Money Man 4

    Just checked it on ITunes. sounds like philthys sayin joe blow set him up in that super bowl song, and blows nowhere on the album.....
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    Any word on Messy's Realease Date?

    Remember hearing he was getting out in May/June while back..... What's the word coop?
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    Lol I already did this mourning they weren't trying to hear it......
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    When's key loom dropping some more heat? You need to do a album with him and bring your career back. Looms one of my favorites right now he needs to come out with more material
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    What y'all think abt Hempire?

    I wasn't feeling it.... Felt like Berns flow isn't as cold as it used to be, just sounds lazy and he says the same shit on every song. I bet public enemies album gonna be way harder since it's gonna be his older material.
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    Mozzy #22 best rap album in Rolling Stone

    Anybody else see mozzy got #22 out of 40 best rap albums of 2015 in Rolling Stone? That's big hopefully he's getting his chips and philthy isn't spending it all on redbottoms and forgis
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    Is x-raided really getting out in april?

    Saw on his ig he's gonna be released in April I thought he was doing 31-L
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    Epic vid for Young Gullys Move Like This with cameos from lil goofy ezale huss and mo

    i thought your one of @pierxboy artists why you got the Rat in your video?
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    HUSALAH appreciation thread

    Can't show his face in the bay? Lol check Instagram dumbshit wax was posted in Fillmore district day before yesterday... That's the bay right? Or you autistic?
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    HUSALAH appreciation thread

    Damn wax is a fuckin thug to shut yuks show down what a boss
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    HUSALAH appreciation thread

    I'm busy up in humboldt getting my chips up while your a broke struggling artist in sac who won't ever be shit....
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    HUSALAH appreciation thread

    That's some BS how can you even compare the situations.... Lav got jumped and his car stolen at a gas station he reported his car stolen obviously for insurance who got charged did lav testify? That's like saying mess is a snitch because in Reno he filed a report so he could get his insurance $...
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    A-Wax and LAMB Getting Punked

    By far the worst shit I've ever heard. Even slim Jesus would think this is weak af. Get off tays dick you little faggot your music sucks. Wax is prbly watching that music video you made laughing hysterically
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    Video of Killa Tay getting punked

    Killa Tay flows sound like hot trash. How can u complain abt A-wax using auto tune in one song when not so killa Tay would have that gay ass echoing auto tune on all of his shit. Killa Tay is washed up Wax switched his style up and is better than he used to be