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  1. The Duke of Earl

    Rip hugo chavez!!!

    HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE ! Rest in peace Hugo Chavez ....
  2. The Duke of Earl

    GLORY 5 LONDON Spong vs Bonjasky

    anyone else excited about this ?
  3. The Duke of Earl

    serio ain't got nothin on lil moco

  4. The Duke of Earl

    lil wayne sues quincy jones the 3rd for some shit

    MJk-1oJnwGQ here's some footage of the deposition. shits kinda funny
  5. The Duke of Earl

    anthony johnson is fighting , free live streaming
  6. The Duke of Earl

    football is boring to me now

    can't stand the way its covered , i wanna watch game not gossip like its fucking tmz , guys getting fined for playing the way its supposed to be like james harrison . and who gives a fuck what the saints had going on .......goodell is a pussy
  7. The Duke of Earl

    Choke (Rickson Gracie doc.)

  8. The Duke of Earl

    Kickboxer Tyrone spong making the transition to mma

    JB4LoOTAAQk 5On5LZx_wK4 gonna be interesting on how it works out for spong. seems like the blackzillians has become a camp of big name 205ers
  9. The Duke of Earl

    to troll a predator

    By Elaine O’Connor CHILLIWACK, B.C. — A group of Chilliwack vigilantes have been warned again by police to stop luring and then exposing potential child sex offenders. The youths made headlines last month with a series of “gotcha” videos posted to their “To Troll A Predator” Facebook page...
  10. The Duke of Earl

    MR KRo b on them latin bitches bro

    latin bitches
  11. The Duke of Earl


  12. The Duke of Earl

    it's show time 58 spong is probably my favorite kickboxer and is a beast. there's talk of him making the jump to mma and is apart of the blackzilians camp
  13. The Duke of Earl

    anyone ever work for lowe's ?

    do they intentionally avoid you and dislike when you follow up after an interview ? the fuck my online profile says im still might be hired but it seems they're taking their fucking time ......i should of went to college
  14. The Duke of Earl

    we are star dust
  15. The Duke of Earl

    Favorite stand up comedians ?

    in no order patrice o'neal jim jefferies dave chappelle louis ck
  16. The Duke of Earl

    wow, Nancy Grace is a piece of shit

    is it me or does nancy grace get wet everytime she has to report a dead baby ? discuss
  17. The Duke of Earl

    anyone listen to the joe rogan experience?
  18. The Duke of Earl

    I wanna drink hennessy all day and have this on repeat

  19. The Duke of Earl

    football is dead to me

    fuck the owners, and roger goodell.
  20. The Duke of Earl

    nick diaz vs fernando vargas?

    i seen in an interview that he may fight him sometime in august this year, what do you guys think?