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    Getting rid of collection

    All prices include shipping CD for sale: 10 Wanted Men – Ten Toes Down (2012) - $20 J-Green - Codeine Dreams (OG release) - $20 Lil' Tec – Shut Em Down - $20 T-Rock - Defcon 1: Lyrical Warfare - $40 1 Free CD on this list with every purchase: B-Dub – 2 Sides To 2 A Story...
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    Ben Affleck is the next Batman

    It's official, Ben Afflecks will play Batman in the Man Of Steel 2 Ben Affleck to Play Batman in Man of Steel Sequel - IGN
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    New Bone Thugs' single Everything 100

    Auto-tune lol
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    Killer instinct!!!!
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    The Undertaker returns!!! TOUT | The Deadman returns to @WWE at tonight's #Smackdown Live Event in Texas! #Undertaker And he's bald lol
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    Ong Bak: The Video Game

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    New T-Rock ft. C-Mob & Mr.Sche

    Full Throttle, a song from his all fast rap album
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    Bone Thugs and Homeless
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    Killer Instinct Trademark Renewed!!!

    That doesn't necessarily mean a new game, but Killer Instinct HD or an arcade port is possible. KI3 would be the only reason why I'd get a 360 right now.
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    The Iceman
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    The official Breaking Bad is an awesome fucking show thread.

    You sure? I could've sworn that the remaining 8 episodes will air July 2013.
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    TAZ (formerly of Guerilla Maab) For more songs go here
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    Da Wreck Ft. AK, Cold Hard, Buk, Lil'Rob and Never

    That's Cold Hard, I've been listening to the Flict for a long ass time.
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    Nash disrespecting Guerrero and Benoit has published a lengthy article on the life and controversial wrestling career of Kevin Nash, who has begun to gain traction in Hollywood. A notable point in the article has the six-time world champion reiterating his stance on "Vanilla Midgets," a dismissive term he used as booker...
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    another preview of the Sinna Row / Doe Boi album "GUTTA SHIT" comin soon..

    I'm hoping that the album features Pooh G, Hustle, Ducci-Sin and AJ Sin.
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    Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

    The first one was quite good, probably the best movie based on a video game. Sean Bean is back as well.
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    The Joker VS Batman rap battle
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    Cody Hall's first pro wrestling match

    First pro wrestling match by Cody Hall, son of Scott Hall. So what do you guys think? Got potential?
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    C-9 New shit

    He still got flows, but someone needs to buy him a new mic