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  1. Bubble Hash

    New Bone Thugs LP On Ruthless

    Trues Humbly United Gatherin' Souls
  2. Bubble Hash

    Don't laugh at the man trying to speak English

    J1ZzUkM5qSA edit: I was gonna close this and move it to the video section, but the youtube covers up the thread tools.
  3. Bubble Hash

    Cop gone wild - lying and making threats "just part of his job"

    I know this doesn't surprise anybody, but it's interesting anyhow. The video: The news article from Missouri: Police Threaten, Detain Motorist for Parking After Hours A St. George...
  4. Bubble Hash

    Cop leaves dog in car for 11 hours in 109 degree heat, dog dies Since anyone else is charged as harming a cop if they hurt a police dog, hopefully they throw the pig in jail.
  5. Bubble Hash

    The sick on friday night/have to work tomorrow thread

    Damn I caught some nasty shit somewhere. Can't hold down food or liquids. I smoked some bud and I felt better for a little bit, then I felt worse. Son of a bitch. Everyone is out at the bars and I'm stuck here at home sick and bored.
  6. Bubble Hash

    What you guys think about COS's new album?

    Bought it yesterday and listened all the way through, great production.
  7. Bubble Hash

    Guard Uses Taser on Man Holding Baby Did that pig not expect the baby to take a fall too? Their skulls arent fused together yet, waaay too easy to cause brain damage at that point. Hope the guy is fired.
  8. Bubble Hash

    I found Lorenzo Green Eyes on youtube

    "Tourettes Guy: Out of the Butt & Into the Fuck"
  9. Bubble Hash

    Man Burns Down Trailer in Online Feud lol, this is bound to happen between people on here some day.
  10. Bubble Hash

    Blocc St. Lye 2, will you buy it?

    Since cream-pie brown-eye thinks he's getting promotion on here by looking like a fool, let's see how many people plan on buyin this Blocc St. Lye 2 album.
  11. Bubble Hash

    Doomsday Productions split up

    Just the other day while eatin some scrambled eggs and drinkin some OJ with Vodka, Playboy 7 decided to end Doomsday. Pit was sittin there tryin to write some rhymes with a pen he stabbed a fly with, sayin he was writing in blood. It made Playboy lose his breakfast all over the table and he...
  12. Bubble Hash

    Marv Mitch & Lemay, Old E & Redrum

    Anyone know any of these guys? I know you can't buy the shit in stores. I used to have that Marv Mitch & Lemay and Old E & Redrum before my CDs got jacked a while back. From what I've heard Old E & Redrum only sold their shit outta the trunk. If I'm wrong fill me in! If you have contact with...
  13. Bubble Hash

    Why isn't X-Raided out of jail yet?

    Heard a long time ago, seems like a year or two by now. Who knows, I smoke too much. But last I heard someone turned themselves in as the man behind the trigger in the killing X is locked up for. Anybody know the deal?
  14. Bubble Hash

    Is Lorenzo Green-Eyez really Norte?

    Just curious, it was brought up in the funny ass thread in the 9-1-Siccness forum. If you haven't seen the thread, you're missing out on a classic. He's net-bangin like it's going out of style. Everyone just keeps ripping him a new asshole.
  15. Bubble Hash

    Down for Hyphy? How old are you?

    I'm not down with the hyphy sound. Those of you that are, I'm just curious how old y'all are?
  16. Bubble Hash

    Our old friend ROLOC....his story

    Steve aka Roloc has been a friend of mine for a few years and was working with him and MjP at the time he mentions below (I was known by "Crankpuppy" on the website), so I can verify everything here is true. Maybe to some of you this will open your eyes on things. I know some of you have...
  17. Bubble Hash


    Just wonderin what's up with this guy K-Dubb. The song up on madesicc called "Sin City" is wack. The beat sounds unfinished and the guy can't flow. He sounds bored as fuck and monotone. Also the forum registration has been broken for a while, does anybody actually work on it?