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    whats with all these earthquakes

    there was just a 7.0 quake in Haiti. sounds pretty major.... plus the big one up in eureka last week or whatever i hope the big one is coming i wana get that shit over with lol
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    Electronic/Techno/House Music

    where at brotha? ive been tryin to see them but coudlnt make the show w/ toxic avengers in december.
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    Electronic/Techno/House Music

    Designer drugs, la riots, redial, mstrkrft, bloody beetroots, etc I fuck with electro all day. I like house too but not as much
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    name one random thing in your house/apartment....

    that you have no idea how it got there or whos it is mine is a pencil sharpener..... wtf?>??? i dont even own any pencils... i know i didnt go out and cop a pencil sharpener how did it get here??? ps pencil sharpener for sale
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    any of yall ever been homeless?

    i was in hayward today watchin a dope fein walk around pickin random shit off the ground and i was thinkin damn it must be so fuckin hard to be homeless. especially in this heat. dude by the oakland coliseum has the right idea "i bet you can't hit me with a quarter" lol i drive by and have to...
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    @lil wayne fans.... song ID question

    heard this track on 99.7 today and it was tight... it was lil wayne (he recycled his verses from the carter III mixtape, one of those songs i cant remember but i know he starts out like "know i love you like a fat kid love food knew id score like shaq did in school" and theres some r&b dude on...
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    damn, Vernon Forrest murdered crazy shit
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    this beat is the shit

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    Electronic/Techno/House Music

    Marcus Shulz @ ruby skye tonight
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    Electronic/Techno/House Music

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    Electronic/Techno/House Music

    i love it all got up on it when i lived i n italy some shit i reccomend: bob sinclar, david guetta, deadmau5, armin van buuren, paul van dyk, marcus shulz, calvin harris, cut copy, junior boys, hot chip, fuck so many acts
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    official movie thread

    i like movies
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    most overrated mexican joint in the world award goes to....

    the mecca. that place is garbage :confused: edit: but the bean dip does slap
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    all these street fairs in SF

    i cant keep track of these mothafucaks. i went to Union Street Fair and it was crackin as fuck. I ended up in some back alley techno party. they were lettin anyone into the beer gardens i think I seen 12 year old sneak in North Beach fest was last weekend, I guess that shit was cool too. I...
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    Hoodfellaz - where are they now?

    Anybody know? I was slappin that "From Grindin to Shinin" tape and that shit was hard as fuck. Obviously Ca$h is RIP (which sucks cause on the intro on that CD he was straight gassin, that was his best verses IMO... wit more ice than a supersize soda lol) What about Pete E and YS? I never...
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    its hella quiet in here right now

    did yall run out of pictures of tiddies??
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    does anyone have the pics saved from this thred.... this is probably my favorite classic thread ever
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    whats the best chain restauarant?

    my vote is for elephant bar i fucks with that place tough.
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    whats gayer

    please vote so we can get a general consensus as to whats the gayest thing ever
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    anybody in here work construction

    and if so what do you do