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    Your Ambassador Pass Has Been Revoked Buddy!!!!

    "Is God another cop wantin to beat my ass if I don't go pop" - Makaveli Is the music about the streets or is it about pop music? This message is for E-40: Your Bay Area ambassador pass has just been revoked buddy! Your ass has just been impeached!! Now as one who speaks on behalf of the...
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    Radio Stations Nation Wide

    I took a rode trip from virginia down to Florida and it was quite interesting listening to the radio stations out there. For example passing thru north carolina and south carolina, a trickle of bay shit was being played. Also from local artists the phrases such as stunna shades, thizzin, goin...
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    Why Do Cats???

    Why do cats in here got so much to say when they are basically none factors in the game. They albums push no units, and they are always tryna tell cats how to put out a single. I dunno it just boggles me.
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    BAY RAP STEP YA GAME UP_VOL.1: Producers

    This first inquiry to help evolve bay rap is to first have the prodecers out here to step ya damn game up. Not everyone can make beats. And the ones that do, need to understand the concept of a damn beat and music. First off the beat within itself is a story, alone. So there highs and lows...
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    Birdman at the canibus club

    I was just listening to the new birdman 5 star stunna CD and he says he comes out to the bay to the canibus club. Anybody ever seen em
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    Whats the Problem with Cali Rappers!?

    I was just thinking the you know, u here about cats in the south selling records and shit, and i was thinking........with 40 million cats in california(not counting illegals), and niggaz only sell like 10,000 records!!??/ Thats a damn shame. I thought niggaz was husltaz! I mean do niggaz really...
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    WOW PEEP THIS YALL,RM&aaType=RM,WM&upf=Win32&topicName=Arts___Culture&subtopicName=Reviews&prgCode=FA&hubId=4465028&thingId=9817410&mtype=WM
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    hyphy movement(bay influence in the hip hop nation)

    its funny how the hyphy movement kicked off, ..........................then all of a sudden snap music turned into a movement, then all these other movements poppin off left and right, what yall think?
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    E40's "U & Dat" video will be on the TRL countdown yup yup!
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    3 freaks on mtv jams

    the bay is coming up maine they play 3 freaks with turf talk and keak on mtv jams
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    Mannn all I gotta say is that there are alot of negative cats in the world. if your not a 40 fan, dont buy the album point blank. noone really cares. the music industry is a business. just like in any business if your dont upgrade yourself to be compatible with the times your not going to make...