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  1. D-Con


    Esham stay bitter, lol
  2. D-Con


    It's coo. Still need a couple more spins. I've been listening to 'Detroit Dogshit' a lot lately. E got away with sampling a gang of shit. Oh, and I was high as fuck yesterday, nodding out and shit, listening to this album on my ipod. The beginning of 'Clonazepam', where he say "Cookie...
  3. D-Con


    I got to give it up to E for always being innovative, always pushing the line... At the same time though, he's been cannibalizing his rhymes since day one. Funny how that works. Skimming through the album right now...
  4. D-Con

    Riv Locc - Appetite For Destruction in Stores May 12th

    I've been checking up on dude, lately. He's got heat and I'll be looking out for this release.
  5. D-Con

    Doug Stanhope - Oslo:Burning the Bridges to Nowhere

    This stand-up DVD was some of the funniest shit I've heard in awhile. Had me rollin', man... Anyone else see this shit? If not, don't sleep.
  6. D-Con

    Riv Locc - Time & Pain [New Video 4/11/11]

    I'm was diggin' the track... It was too short, though.
  7. D-Con


    This CD was ill... Esham really stepped his lyrical game up. I've noticed he's using more multies, and shit.
  8. D-Con

    Electric Wizard appreciation thread

    Heavy riffs... I dig it. Besides that though, I can't understand a fuckin' word of it.
  9. D-Con

    Any of you play Guitar?

    I bought a Dean VMNTX a couple of weeks ago. My first guitar. Haven't had a chance to play it, though. Didn't have enough money left over for an amp.
  10. D-Con

    Ozzy Osbourne's Scream

    Is anybody feeling this album? It's solid for the most part, imo...
  11. D-Con

    The Meskin Houston Mic Pass

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  12. D-Con

    Fucking Metal!!!

    Like I said, I'm new to the scene. I tried finding some new thrash to bang, ever since I recently heard 'Master of Puppets', and all I find is shit like Slayer.
  13. D-Con

    Fucking Metal!!!

    I'm remotely new to 'thrash-metal'. Are there any bands that aren't all satanic-like with the lyrics?
  14. D-Con


    and let me know what y'all think of the tracks!
  15. D-Con

    I Think, Therefore I Am (Roughdraft)

    Let me know what you think, y'all...
  16. D-Con

    Midwest Myspace Pages...

    Same shit, different day. What's good with you?
  17. D-Con

    Midwest Myspace Pages...
  18. D-Con

    TOL Vol. 2 ; Thoughts On The Wall

    This whole CD is throed. Who else's heard it? 1. Another Introduction 2. Alternate Curriculum 3. Standing in Place 4. I Need Music 5. Breathe ft. Chester Webster 6. Sorcery ft. Stunta, Qouta 7. I Like The Way ft. Amanda 8. You Remind Me Of Me 9. Die ft. Drojo 10. Find A Way ft. Qouta...
  19. D-Con


    I was wonderin what was y'alls thoughts on Coast, formally of Dope House Records. Here's a joint from em' <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param...