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  1. kansascitycat

    Full Length live band tour in the works.

    . The response has been even better than anticipated and the energy at the these shows has been off the charts!!! There are plans in the works for a longer tour from coast to coast with this band. I've never seen Tech in better spirits than I did this last time around.
  2. kansascitycat

    Tech says hello...

    I've had the opportunity to catch up with Tech on his last two visits to Phoenix. We got to eat and chill a couple times and he told me to tell all you cats that have supported him here for so long "What's up" and "Thank You" sincerely. He is in the best place mentally that I have ever seen him...
  3. kansascitycat

    Caribou Lou is going Gold....

    Quite an accomplishment for a song without a video or any radio. It was featured in alpha dog for about 10 seconds and that is all.
  4. kansascitycat

    Strange Music Takeover on Shade 45's Sway in the morning.

    Mayday, Stevie Stone, Kaliko and Tech all performed and Wrek took on the five fingers of death.
  5. kansascitycat

    OT Slow in here...check this out...

    This was a submission to Funk Volumes contest. I thought dude was kind of original
  6. kansascitycat

    even with this being a mash up.....

    Speed of Sound could have been an opportunity for Bone to become relevant again especially since not too long after they were SUPPOSED to release the real version of this the industry turned to speedy rap. Check this out.....couldn't understand a word in Bizzy's verse tho...
  7. kansascitycat

    A little behind the scenes of "Am I A Psycho"

  8. kansascitycat

    Feature on Rob Rebeck on
  9. kansascitycat

    Tempe show and experience

    Disclaimer.... I will be talking about the the show and my experience with the visit in general if you don't want to know that shit then don't read this thread. First off I wanna send a little shout to OFF DA HOOK SOULFOOD on 19th Ave and Glendale for opening your restaurant just for us on a...
  10. kansascitycat

    Tech on Sway's show on Shade 45

    Just listened to the shit and Sway cosigned Tech, went in to a little bit of their relationship, they played Tech's music including Interlude, Tech rapped along with bout to bubble and the original Psycho Bitch. It was a good interview, they figured that through his solo album sales alone he...
  11. kansascitycat

    Old but relevant.

    Some of you wonder why Strange doesn't do what most labels do to promote their artists. Some of this is a bit slow but you should watch the whole thing. One statement that stands out is that most rappers have to go platinum just to be able to pay back their record company advance. Another...
  12. kansascitycat

    OT Katt Williams rap dissing Steve Harvey, Jamie Foxx, Martin Lawrence

    sfpQLKR1sWc Kinda tough to hear for the first 20 seconds while he is doing pushups but it becomes audible. Which drug do you think he is on?
  13. kansascitycat

    OT Black Walt done fucked up for real.
  14. kansascitycat

    Tech's song....

    Made the cut for the Carter 4. I know that there was some speculation that the song might not make it but it did. That is all.
  15. kansascitycat

    Tech talks Odd future BoB beef and Wayne studio experience. A lot of people are saying that B.O.B. is sending subliminal shots at Odd Future on your track "Am I Psycho", so what are your thoughts on that situation between the two of them? Tech N9ne: I don't care. It's like, if they have something going, he didn't say their names on my...
  16. kansascitycat

    Stevie Stone article on front page of
  17. kansascitycat


    Pretty fucking awesome
  18. kansascitycat

    A little news from last night in Tempe.

    The Tour was here last night and thanks to Tech I got a chance to hang out with the fellas for the majority of the day yesterday. Not alot of newsworthy info..but both Tech and Krizz told me that they are not about to slow down any time soon. Tech said on stage as well that he appreciates that...
  19. kansascitycat

    First Degree the D.E. and Boogeyman?

    Where exactly does he appear on Boogeyman?
  20. kansascitycat

    Irv on Strange already?......

    From Tech's twitter Tech N9ne "And don't sleep on up& coming strange artist Irv with his new mixtape DREAM BIG HUSTLE HARD either! Get it"