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  1. datplaya

    Hard Work or Hardly Working? How White People Got So Rich

    Yea but what about the blond hair and big titties whiteys though?
  2. datplaya

    Top 5 DPG albums?

    Yea that “what would u do” song is dope 2. I believe it’s on the murder was the case ost? They should have put that song on the dogg food album
  3. datplaya

    Philthy Rich x CML - Set Trippin (Video)

    I tried liking his music but this the only song I can listen to. Got a nice old school vibe
  4. datplaya

    Top 5 DPG albums?

    1. Doggystyle 2. Doggystyle 3. Doggystyle 4. Dogg food 5. Retaliation, revenge & Get back
  5. datplaya

    Hard Work or Hardly Working? How White People Got So Rich

    that other white people thread was more entertaining Just sayin
  6. datplaya


    I like how these lists are all handwritten. There aint No backspace. Its written in stone Bone thugs and rich the factor better be the top two on your midwest list, man.
  7. datplaya

    White people

    Yea man, this used to be a place where we could have intellectual discussions about the new Harry Potter book. Look at this site now.....
  8. datplaya

    White people

    That white lady is a role model for all whiteys in the world man
  9. datplaya

    Husalah and Dookie Loc - El Pueblo Shittas

    Are you related to crazy loc?
  10. datplaya

    Reminiscing on the Siccmade Muzicc years.

    Siccmade music was dope in the 90s, man. In my opinion it went downhill after Loaded. But that was Some tight shit. The combo of lynch & DE on Loaded was real dope. I smoked HELLA weed to that album. Im talking kilo’s man lol And yea phonk beta is dope I remember being hyped for the lynch by...
  11. datplaya


    Mc eiht at 23? He should be higher up. In my opinion. No one can fuck with your top 2 though
  12. datplaya


    Yea man, it even got the same producer as troubled mind (i think his name is N8 the great). Takin No shortz is classic! If you got it, bump it
  13. datplaya


    Im re-Reading this thread. Hollow tip - takin No shortz is way better then young dre d album, man. Not saying troubled mind is a bad album, but takin No shortz is one of the best albums out of sac ever. Use that dl link posted by big chunk wisely, man On a side note: i sometimes still bump...
  14. datplaya


    Didnt he die in a car crash? These lists are always a matter of opinion and I think you got a Nice list. But Cougnut was a major factor in the bay rap scene back then. He should be at least a top 15. In my opinion
  15. datplaya


    Cougnut at 39 Okay.... Cool list man
  16. datplaya

    Andre Nickatina & Mac Roo - Im A Pisces II

    Im a pisces but I rather be a killa whale
  17. datplaya

    Mozzy & Gunplay Bail Bond Video

    Yea thats dope! Mozzy and gunplay flow Nice together on this one. That video is sick
  18. datplaya

    Old messy marv would have murdered this new mess song

    Those are Some cool albums you mention man. That 100 racks album was kinda weak in my opinion. Trying to sell an energy drink with a mediocre album. But its all about opinion I suppose
  19. datplaya

    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc.

    I’m laughing my muthafucking ass off man Is this dude serious?