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  1. YungShinobi

    Best of Sicx album coming out?

    Does anybody know when this is dropping & if its actually legit?
  2. YungShinobi

    Mac Dre pres Summthin terrrible

    Anybody got the 1st CD they put out? Can’t find that shit no where need a DL Link for that
  3. YungShinobi

    The Blair Lynch Project

    Yo anybody got any footage of this? It was supposed to be a short trailer hyping Lynch by inch back in like 02
  4. YungShinobi

    Thizz Nation CDs

    Yo Everybody remember the Thizz Nation & Thizz or die CDs?Does anybody have the complete collection of what they put out? I’m trying to get a few of the rarer releases & would appreciate if somebody would be cool enough to put up a few of them for download specifically Thizz Nation vol. 7 &...
  5. YungShinobi

    Uthanizm - Spider insert

    Anybody know what track is playing in the back ground when the 2 guys are talking? I’m sure its an unreleased Sicx track, I wanna hear it like whats the point in putting it on a skit just release it as a full track.
  6. YungShinobi

    Song on the C-Bo DVD

    On C-Bo old DVD Live & Uncut from like 2003 there a song on it which I been trying to find. Its near the end when it shows all the girls in the hotel room & they drive to a show. C-Bo is on the track & in the lyrics he says something about Lil Kim does anybody know this song?