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  1. Shaniac

    Pac- 12 Basketball

    The Ducks just ended Arizona's 49 straight home game win streak. OSU is also looking hella good with Gary Payton jr. PAC 12 is mighty underrated. Keep an eye on these teams in March.
  2. Shaniac

    Pac- 12 Football

    So it looks like the most competitive the conference has been in quite some time. The last two weeks will be interesting. Go Ducks!!!! Fuck USC!!
  3. Shaniac

    King Felix Pitches Perfect Game!

    First one thrown in Mariners history. 3rd one this year!
  4. Shaniac

    The Living Legends - Trojan Horse - New Video!!
  5. Shaniac

    Competive Hustle Leauge

    When is this coming out? Has it began production yet? Im still slappin that 10%rap 90% hustle like it just came out. Iv listend to that cd more than any other cd since it came out, know dam near all the lyrics to lol. Cola needs a solo cd aswell that would be insane.
  6. Shaniac

    Dividenz album

    I havent been able to check up on the sicc lately, and was wonderin if the cd droped yet. Iv been waitin for this one since i heard the the first cd.
  7. Shaniac

    New Tech N9ne Interview From the NorthWest homie NLRwriting. Enjoy
  8. Shaniac

    Yuk invented caribou lou?

  9. Shaniac

    Late night with...

    Who do u watch?
  10. Shaniac

    Animal Storys

    My kitten/cat was just sittin on me while i surfin the net and stuff. Well shes only a few months old and is still learnin shit first hand...the cat is hella funny. I just happen to get this brilliant idea to find a picture of a cat on google that looked idenical to the one i had on my lap, it...
  11. Shaniac

    what happend

    no more thizz board?
  12. Shaniac

    Your Favorite...

    Ok lets see what NW cds everyone in here is feelin. What NW cds that you own, you can let play with out skippin songs. Ill start. Maniac Lok - Im' Back FTS - Money Motivated Syko - Sykotherapy Certified - The Wash House UA - My Life For Sale Crytical - Crytical Condition Cool Nutz -...
  13. Shaniac

    Cin Sity Records

    Playboy i received a email last year sayin a grip of albums were gonna come out... but there wasnt all but one. Are any of the albums you have been talkin about goin to come out? I know i and others will support Cin Sity Records and Doomsday Productions to the fullest, but lately there hasnt...
  14. Shaniac

    Sea Record shops

    Im head up to Seattle saturday and i wanna hit up a couple record shops, so if any of you could name some record shops that arnt hard to find id appreciate it.
  15. Shaniac

    Best damn sports show...

    I was watchin the best damn sports show today and when they show a clip of North Carolina after they won, they was playin the beat from the goon squad song rude boys, shit was tight.
  16. Shaniac

    R.I.P. shirts

    How iz the quailty on the mac dre shirts, they steal good when washed and dry'd? and hows the XL?
  17. Shaniac

    Happy B-Day Sir playboy 7

    hope ya have a good one homie, keep bangin out those doomsday trax
  18. Shaniac

    dubee diss track

    this is from a canadian homie of mine... enjoy... lmao
  19. Shaniac

    @ jay tee or b12

    Any you guys got any 40 oz posters or flyers you could send me would really appreciate it and im really feelin high calliber bumps in my car thanks
  20. Shaniac

    couple Q's

    Yeah i got a couple question for mr. d sane First are you gonna do anything with cin sity records like colabos with doomsday and blue ragg cus i bought that underground vol.2 and seen you did the production for the third track sounds real good And second was wondering if you got any slr...