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  1. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Reminiscing on the Siccmade Muzicc years.

    Haha Napster. You got that right. I got the tan cover head drama from some one on here (probably Codeine) and that shit made me feel like a real hip hop head getting an internet exclusive a year before it was ever released for real. P-Folks was probably my favorite Siccmade affiliated album...
  2. TrEmEnDo InDo


    They’re both good, but Troubled mind over takin no shortz is still the right choice to me.
  3. TrEmEnDo InDo


    I’m going to say southern rap is really not you’re thing. Cuz this fuckin Im clownin. I still think it’s cool you making these lists. I could talk rap all damn day. The south has some rappers though, this deserves a re-do.
  4. TrEmEnDo InDo


    Xzibit in top 5 is undeniably an issue. He’s a top caliber mc no doubt. But outside of just skill there’s not another criterion he dominates that earns him that spot. B-real is clearly the number 5 spot. Hutch and frost coming close behind that. I don’t have a problem with ice t, or mc eiht...
  5. TrEmEnDo InDo

    New A-Wax album Demonz N My Bleep Sept 2019

    A-Wax and Kevin Gates in the same month? Im up.
  6. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Im no JEezy fan but this Thug Motivation 4...

    Harder than a bitch....
  7. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Dave Chappelle Netflix Standup Comedy Special Trailer | Sticks & Stones (8/26)

    i liked it. Insightful shit, funny stories, pop culture observations. He was a lot looser than on the last specials. Letting nuts hang now. The gun control / mass shooter commentary was my favorite shit.
  8. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Shad Viciouz "Shadow" Based on True Story (Changed Name) Album low volume quality????

    Artists want to experiment and take a different route / approach to keep THEMSELVES interested. The art needs to feel fresh and challenging, and relevant to the moment they're living in, and therefore worth the time and money they spend. Creativity is somewhat of fragile thing in that way...
  9. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Dice - Dearly Beloved (New Music Video) (Detroit)

    neighborhoodshittalka? He can still rhyme to this day. RIP TNT wicket shit'll neva die
  10. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Reminiscing on the Siccmade Muzicc years.

    Especially Loaded, Planet Zero, and If These Walls Could Talk...had me thinking I was listening to some evolved type of rap music like nothing I'd ever heard before, like a sub-genre- Rap music Dark or some shit. Maybe I was just high as the fuck at the time. I don't listen to any of those...
  11. TrEmEnDo InDo

    X-Raided - California Dreamin (Album Stream)

    No disrespect. If I go to an x-raided show I want to hear liquor, niggaz, triggaz.
  12. TrEmEnDo InDo


    There’s some oversight as to be expected—I didn’t see The Coup or Blackalicious, Seagram and Woodie (already named) a-wax. I gotta commend your top 5 though, (not necessarily that order) but that’s the Mount Rushmore for sure.
  13. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Dave Chappelle Netflix Standup Comedy Special Trailer | Sticks & Stones (8/26)

    This should be even better than the last 2. I liked Chris rocks tambourine a lot, maybe more than those.
  14. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Gangsta Pat??

  15. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ trailer

    For this movie they flipped the "I got 5 on it" beat and made it suspenseful. I thought the movie was fairly creepy, with the child actors doing the heavy lifting.
  16. TrEmEnDo InDo

    The plague 2

    "Frustrated" was my favorite on there.
  17. TrEmEnDo InDo


    I wasn't feeling the rest of the album.
  18. TrEmEnDo InDo

    XL Middleton - 2 Minutes Till Midnight [album stream]

    Im buying. Things are Happenening got a lot of play from me. So I'm coming back for more.
  19. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Joe Moses & RJMrLA - Stop It (Official Video)

    These songs you're posting are too dope, AND the videos are on. Dj Mustard needs another compilation with these dudes.
  20. TrEmEnDo InDo

    RJ – Apartment [Video]

    Abolutely. RJ with the classic hood raps.