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  1. YungShinobi


    J Cole is whack & no Lil Keke or Slim Thug?
  2. YungShinobi


    Xzibit over Game, Dre & DJ Quik... Lol
  3. YungShinobi

    GREATEST 181 Rap Songs out of WASHINGTON STATE ALL-Time

    This is tight as hell! Thanks for doing this , is there even any place I can get some of the full albums from? Like Red Head Steve’s Redrum & I.K Kash me out? Its like impossible too find stuff like this now!
  4. YungShinobi

    Hellz Angel Lil Sicx

    When can we hear more tracks with Sicx on them ?
  5. YungShinobi

    The Blair Lynch Project

    BUMP Anybody know anything about this ?
  6. YungShinobi

    The plague 2

    The Plague 2 is up there with all the other unreleased Siccmade stuff we probably will never see, like the Spydermann album, Phonk Beta’s Dark album & Mid Evil from Lynch. Hope we can hear it all 1 day tho
  7. YungShinobi

    Hellz Angel Lil Sicx

    Best Album I’ve heard in a Looong Time! Thanks for bringing the Old Sicc made Mobb Muzik back!! Every Track is a straight Slumper!! The Track with Sicx is my fave song on the album, crazy track! Keep us posted on more of your music dropping G !
  8. YungShinobi

    How is big Ced a bitch?

    He said somebody should break into his house & steal his shit & isn’t that what Ced did? He sent goons to take his tapes, unless that happened before lol ?
  9. YungShinobi

    Johnny Ca$h - In My Shoes [Album Stream]

    This is tight! Could’ve done without the autotune on a few tracks but this is still dope!
  10. YungShinobi

    Best of Sicx album coming out?

    How can we buy it ?
  11. YungShinobi

    Best of Sicx album coming out?

    Does anybody know when this is dropping & if its actually legit?
  12. YungShinobi

    I.M.P. - 1990 - IMP Dogs EP (DJ MoonChild's Extended Remaster)

    This is Dope! Really Appreciate this :)
  13. YungShinobi

    Cougnut album?? Anyone??

    Can’t wait to fuckin bump the shit outta this, COUGAR REBEL!!
  14. YungShinobi

    Lil Sicx 2019 Interview

    Let us hear the old shit from Sicx, shit I’d even pay some skrill just to hear the raw unfinished version of deer hunter & I’m sure others will too! Even the Sicx track off uthanizm shit i been wanting that for years! At least release that track as like a teaser of whats to come?
  15. YungShinobi

    Lil Sicx 2019 Interview

    Sucks that he don’t wanna release his dads music. Like wtf is the point of keeping that shit locked away forever?
  16. YungShinobi

    Mac Dre pres Summthin terrrible

    Hell yeah check out the track DEEBO they did with Mac Dre.
  17. YungShinobi

    Mac Dre pres Summthin terrrible

    Anybody got the 1st CD they put out? Can’t find that shit no where need a DL Link for that
  18. YungShinobi

    Tre-8 - Oak Park/Ask

    Sicx or Tre-8 ?
  19. YungShinobi

    Tre-8 - Oak Park/Ask

    Idk what its called, i just remember reading an old thread on here & people was talking about this track saying it was tight. I would love to hear it, probably the only sicx track i ain’t heard yet
  20. YungShinobi

    Tre-8 - Oak Park/Ask

    You heard that track with him & Sicx? Can’t find it no where