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  1. JackArtist510

    anyone know what song this Mac Dre verse is from?

    still tryin to learn the new way to embed since the new update.. anyway featuring B-Legit and Mannie Mo from the Funky Aztecs. this song kinda sounds like an unofficial remix? MD's verse mentions B-Legit and Mannie. I wonder if there's an official...
  2. JackArtist510

    Johnny Cash/Hoodfellaz old material?

    i was on IG this mornin before work and found a page of Johnny Cash's mom i believe, she was bumpin music from his group "No Sense" anyone heard of them before? I guess it was before his group Hoodfellaz.. i cant find her page now, it was on the IG explore page.
  3. JackArtist510

    Reg & Race

    saw a pic on IG, that Race passed away in August this year. i wonder how? they were a dope production team. 2FfxUvVACpA this was my fav song produced by them. r.i.p.
  4. JackArtist510

    Richie Rich in jail?

    on IG he deleted hella pics and posted he would be gone for a while. i know he caught that case a few years ago.. anyone know whats up? was really lookin forward to that "Fed Case" album.
  5. JackArtist510

    i believe i found 2 new featuring Cougnut songs..

    "Stayin In The Funk" "She Was A Chazzy" they seem legit, i don't recognize the verses at the moment. thought Mr. Illmannered would like to hear these. peace!
  6. JackArtist510

    City Side Crew??

    what ever happened to them? they had 2 classic but slept on albums with solid production and good features. Justice, Shawn Do, Son Of Man still rappin?
  7. JackArtist510

    New Rick Rock & Snoop song on kmel last night?

    i was kinda faded but i remember hearin this song.. i think Chris Brown was on it too. Rick Rock rapped and produced it as well. anyone know the name? it's prob on Rick Rock's upcoming album
  8. JackArtist510

    PSD on trial for beating of woman last year

    didnt see anything posted: Bay Area rapper to face trial for brutal beating of woman - A Bay Area rapper suspected of torture, battery and assault charges arising from a brutal beating he is accused of inflicting on a Vacaville woman last year is set to go to trial later...
  9. JackArtist510

    where did this beat come from?

    hKcir7neq7s besides Sky Balla, i've heard it with a few other rappers usin it. Matt Blaque - Dirty Girl and some more. when i Shazam just the instrumental part it says Messy Marv intro?
  10. JackArtist510

    reupped some links in the Daily Siccmade Muzic thread

    one big file 307mb i believe. Consists of: Head Drama songs, Lynch songs, Sac songs with Phonk Beta production, Siccmade/Black Market songs. most of them from compilations and rare albums. get it while the link is alive!
  11. JackArtist510

    The Team at Karma in Dublin last night..

    they only performed Its Gettin Hot and Slow Down, but still killed it at this packed lil club in Dublin. Still bumpin Hell Of A Night EP but damn! i really hope they drop a real album with all Shonuff production.
  12. JackArtist510

    New Rappin 4Tay video - Low Rider (2012)

  13. JackArtist510

    let the no pun intended jokes begin: LA man killed by police is a Porn star named....

    Sledge Hammer! A porn actor known as Sledge Hammer on screen has died several days after being shocked with a stun gun during a struggle with Los Angeles police officers. The Los Angeles Times...
  14. JackArtist510

    so many homeboy rappers sampled this song, finally found the original

    this doesnt mean im givin any credit to Evil Schzweet or any other "Euro-Northshidahz" damn this new siccness layout, i duno how to embed
  15. JackArtist510

    Clyde Carson freestyle over 24 Deep/Smoke Dope N Rap?

    i hear this song on KMEL Home Turf from time to time. what mixtape is it off?
  16. JackArtist510

    Big Tone new video "Last Of A Dyin Breed"

    0ezYF4Oq7vQ postin this for Tone.. even if u aint feelin homeboy music, give this a listen.
  17. JackArtist510

    is this person related to Richie Rich?

    (09-01) 11:18 PDT OAKLAND -- A 20-year-old man was shot and killed Wednesday night in East Oakland, police said today. Ricky Surrell of Oakland was shot multiple times at about 7:20 p.m. on the 2400 block of 77th Avenue and died at the scene, police said. No arrests have been made. Police ask...
  18. JackArtist510

    peep the Daily Siccmade Muzicc thread..

    i know many people dont go into the Madesicc forum anymore so im just givin yall a heads up, i upped a few cuts. i hope we can revive that thread cuz music is gettin so wack right now!
  19. JackArtist510

    Klosed Kasket Mafia other material?

    found this today.. old post from 2002. dude said it was comin out in 2002 but i never heard of it. please leave the Sicx bullshit in the other thread. i jus wana hear the Lynch parts ------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the upcoming Klosed Kasket...
  20. JackArtist510

    New Suga Free - Hot Air Balloon (Snippet)

    0wCaIXVNVaE produced by Rick Habana? Enginered by DJ Quik sounds like its all DJ Quik but either way it's a smooth slap. on the youtube page it says this will be on Street Gospel 2.