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  1. Dead Blue

    A-Wax - Sympathize

  2. Dead Blue

    Mozzy - Shine'n 4 Diamond

  3. Dead Blue

    New Telly Mac song is dope

  4. Dead Blue

    Anybody got that Loki & Cognito album?

    Been looking for it, no luck. anybody have a link?
  5. Dead Blue

    Essential 90's Bay Area Albums

    If you were going to introduce some one to 90 Bay Area rap, what are the 10 or so albums you would use to do so. My list, off top of my head and certainly not final: Dush Tray - I'll Rather Lounge Big Mack - A Better Way Dre Dog - I Hate U With A Passion Cold World Hustlers - Iceland Two...
  6. Dead Blue

    Brotha Lynch Hung - Torment EP Initial Impressions Review

    I'm making this review as I listen for the first time. 01. Look (Intro) 00:48 Just a horror movie clip. NA/10 02. 31 Summers 03:17 Beat is okay, Lynch is spitting with a really bad lisp. Not really sure who is on the hook but I hate it. Sounds kinda like G-Macc but fairly sure it isn't...
  7. Dead Blue

    Anybody have the Unreleased E-40 song "Da Bay"

    Was on the prerelease version of Grit & Grind and was circulating the internet as an mp3 several years back. Was wondering if any one had it and could share?
  8. Dead Blue

    This shit is hella tight!

    4GeJ1roztLg If you like The Devil Wears Prada you'll love this!
  9. Dead Blue

    Snubbz - Signed & Sealed

    Shit knocks. I like the first Snubbz CD but this one is dope as hell. If you like Snubbz' style you'll love this shit. He's hella gangsta with his spits.
  10. Dead Blue

    Rydah J. Klyde - Pueblo Esco Review

    Cut to the chase, this shit is dope. The single "Don't Stop" is the weakest track. 8/10 my biggest complaint is that it's too short but what is here is quality. 1. Picture Me Ryden' Don't know why the track listing labels this as a skit. It's a full track and it knocks. Laid back aggressive...
  11. Dead Blue

    2 New Richie Rich tracks!

    LR9PebgzyrU WGQXVqK9vog
  12. Dead Blue


    New Hopesfall song!!! Hopesfall - H.A Wallace Space Academy [Single] (2018) - Singles - Kingdom Leaks I dunno if it's a new recording or a track that just managed to stay unrleased but whoa! The song itself is okay 7/10 has a very Magnetic North feel to it, but it may symbolize a return of...
  13. Dead Blue

    Modern Martial Arts Films

    Anybody have any dope movie recommendations? I'm looking for action films but where they get down with combat without guns. Seems to be a dying art. There's pretty much Jason Statham & who else?
  14. Dead Blue

    T-Nutty's Tightest Tracks?

    So a lot of people really seem to like T-Nutty on this forum. I always felt his spits were okay. Never really made me check for him. There are a few tracks I really like by him "Young Criminals" & "Bitches Aint Shit". What are some of your favorite tracks by him? If possible post what album...
  15. Dead Blue

    Shady Nate's Dopest Tracks.

    Shady Nate has hella slaps. What are some of your favorites? Also post up what album they're from if you know. Feel like putting together a Shady Nate mix.
  16. Dead Blue

    Street Knowledge - Checkin Aint Cheatin

    uiuoah1nfwk Album is dope. I never really felt Street Knowledge before, I found him a bit boring but Checking Ain't Cheatin knocks. He's developed his flow a lot. Who else is feeling it?
  17. Dead Blue

    REQUEST: Celestial (Funeral Doom)

    Anybody have anything by this band? I used to have a few releases years back but can't find them anymore. Having a hard time finding any proof this band even exists. If any one has some stuff to upload or a link it would be appreciated.
  18. Dead Blue

    Tightest "MC" tracks.

    Post up some of the illest MCing tracks you can think of. Youtube vids would be appreciated. Songs where they just destroy the beat.
  19. Dead Blue

    Did anyone get that A-Wax CDR?

    He was selling them on here a while back. I tried to order one but my payment was returned to sender.
  20. Dead Blue

    Whose hype for that new Nas album?

    After hearing Angel Dust and that new song with Kendrick, I can't wait to hear the new Nas. Shits going to be dope. Nas – Angel Dust – Gangsta Rap Talk New Kendrick is also going to be hit, gonna be a sick year for music.