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    Tattoo flier! **Tips**

    Whats good siccness, i havnt been on this in a minute but i used to fux with this nd the detox forum...ive recently been doing tattoos on the side and im trying to do up a flier, i have a pretty decent background in photoshop but i was just hoping some of the vets would have some insight on what...
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    somethin somethin

    just seein wassup...lemme know MAyne my smoke is strong, always puttin on and imma hold on to my throne wit da chrome call it g code yeah da game is old but da kicks ill so name me da sickest or call me da fuckin realest my moneys from da grind and my grind is da bizness my bizness stay on time...
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    New Pics

    let me know what you think
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    Some pics i took

    whats up guys, i just got a nikon d60.... im really happy with it so far but i was just wondering what i could do to make my pictures pop.... i like the pics but im thinking that its the editing that makes the picture not really sure...could you guys help me out....thanks, heres 4...
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    does anyone have one of those codes for it... thanks in advance... i didnt use the search thing cause i thought that they might be expired nd stuff...
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    ipod problem...

    i an ipod and i tried to plug it into my lil music thing...i can play my ipod off of it....but when i picked a song, it just changes from song to the next song to the next song without it even playing...has anyone had this problem before? ive googled it but i didnt find anything and i tried to...
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    we only have 3 songs nd the last one on the video we bearly learned like an hour before the show.... now we rnt the best, but i thought we did pretty good for our first show... stIf3BmJttE
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    yeah i just got photoshop nd i was lookin at the tutorials nd i thought id show u guys this.... i know all your stuff is way better than this but i think its a pretty good start
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    fireworks question

    i wanted to find out how to make it look like search lights coming from behind an object...kind of like this ^^ you see the lights that come from the back behind the do you make those....and can u change the visibilty of those lights...cause i wanted to get a picture of me...
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    Favorite quotes from "SuperBad"

    damn this movie is so funny...ive seen it like 3 times nd i still laugh everytime... "fuck it im about to graduate, they should be suckin on my ballsack" "yeah, fasho, im gettin dat fasho, fasho"
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    WWW.YTBTRAVEL.COM/ROAMWITHATB This is a online travel agency. My cousin made the website and ive used it a couple of times because i dont travel much..... check it out
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    i dont have that strong of a chest and i bench 145 but i hear dudes talkin in my school bout benchin 215 250 im like damn nigga u rnt even that big...i havnt seen em doin it but still...why talk bout somthin that is so easy to get tested...cause we have a weight room at the school... but my...
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    Jus Family Records

    hey whats the most recent album off of jus family records, i havnt been keepin up with their shit...
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    is it just me???

    hey is it only my myspace but it says i've been phished and to change my password.., so i change my password nd it says ive been phished i changed my password again....but its still fuckin up.... is this happening to anyone else....
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    Area codes

    lets see how many people can do this without having a conversation with someone bout their areas ** area you are from ** 408
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    true or false??

    now i dont have a opinion made because i dont know what happened so dont take this like im tryin to spit fact...its just a question if it really happened....i know hows thread this is (( woodie )) but, was woodie always bout norte.....cause i heard that in jail the nortenos asked him to put in...
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    suprise hahaa
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    GOT KNOCKED OUT! some real gangstas in diz shit right here....
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    fakes....cant stand em

    there are like 3 chicks that i know and everytime they drink they dont remember shit the next day....but they dont even drink enough to get even close to me and my friend kill a bottle of e&j together and we still remember what happened the last night ....but these chicks have like 3...
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    dr jay promo code....

    does anyone know one that is still working....