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  1. $iccnes$ kid

    Goodguys car show....

    Anyone goin to good guys in pleasanton this weekend? ill be out there try to sell the mustang holla at me if u got 40 racks cash :)
  2. $iccnes$ kid

    is there a way to change your name?

    anyone know if you can change your name without having to create a whole new account?? lol it took me long enough to get my 350 posts and i dont wanna start over
  3. $iccnes$ kid

    can someone help me get the name of this track??

    so there was a track by wood on the co co county compilation cd that came out like 4 or 5 years back i only remeber the way the song starts it goes "at the tender age of 10 my pops handed me a shotgun 14 guage and said its time to take a walk son we travel to a field lined up some bottles on a...
  4. $iccnes$ kid

    Woodie (funeral, Rumors etc.)

    Everyone keeps askin if theres a funeral and if its a rumor and this and that well this thead is for all of you to post your question and either i or someone else who was close to ryan and the family will answer the questions as best as we can Ryan "Woodie" Wood is no longer with us that is not...
  5. $iccnes$ kid

    R.I.P to my cuzin

    Jus wanna give a R.I.P to my cuzin Samantha Ann Bingham December 22, 1983 - october 6, 2005 she wuz from the yoc but lived most of her life in Fremont.... Rest in peace sammy ur missed very much
  6. $iccnes$ kid

    i need a logo.......

    i need sum 1 to make me ah logo for a dog kennnel.......i want it to have ah red nose pit and then it needs to say "Red Tornado Kennels" if some 1 wants to do this shit for me that would help me alot......thankz
  7. $iccnes$ kid

    lowrider carshow this weekend??

    im to lazy to look bak in the pages but i heard there wuz ah lowrider carshow at the cow palace this weekend?? iz that tru?
  8. $iccnes$ kid

    for those of u who dont drink soda....

    aite heres tha thread for those of u who drink all nite and sober up wit some water durin tha day.....wut kind u like i prefer dasani....... i kno some people mite say that all water taster the same but i kan taste ah difference
  9. $iccnes$ kid

    wut kind of soda every 1 like??

    i think Dr.Pepper iz tha shit but other than that i drink pepsi and mountain dew........
  10. $iccnes$ kid

    controversial movie

    i wuz watchin the news this morning and i saw this thing about a controversial new movie that comes out tomorrow called "A day without mexicans" or sumtin along those lines.....has any 1 heard any thing about it? all i heard iz that the producer iz mexican.
  11. $iccnes$ kid


    how many of u listenind to hiz shit? bak in the day b 4 i discovered underground rap i listenind to hiz shit and it wuz hella sicc and every once in ahwhile i pull it bak out....... and i still think its pretty knockin........i dont think puffy shoulda ever let'em go.
  12. $iccnes$ kid

    A Wax- 65g'z in ah jordan briefcase

    any 1 got this cd? i been lookin 4 it for ah minute ain't been able to find it anywhere...... and haz any 1 heard of Bay state entertainment? i copped there cd the other day and its pretty sicc (considiring it wuz the cash register guy ah burger king who sold it to me)
  13. $iccnes$ kid

    The official hate on percy thread!

    aite Percy since u wont stop bitchin about us hatein on u in ur "Official iPod" thread......heres the official hate on Percy thread bitch! say wut ever u want about this fagget!
  14. $iccnes$ kid


    aye any 1 kno where i can cop homiez cd at??? i'll buy it off some 1 but they gotta accept cash.... i heard hiz tracks on lil coners mamma tried and they were pretty coo.....and also if any 1 got NE5 i need another copy of that to....
  15. $iccnes$ kid


    i'm lookin for enething released from east co co records, starz the limit records, and enthing by darkroom familia
  16. $iccnes$ kid

    North Pole Clothing.....

    i saw a thread for this a while back that Oso started and i wuz jus wonderin if the shirts were still availible if someone wanna hook me up wit all the info that would b coo.....thankz peace ~Fat J
  17. $iccnes$ kid

    East co co cd's wanted....

    if any one has any cd's from east co co records and wants to sell them PM me and tell me what they are and how much.... ones i want the most: Yoc influenced-Woodie Trunk muzik- Lou-E-Lou Northern expozure 1,2,5 Or i would like somethin by darkroom if u got any of these hit me up....peace
  18. $iccnes$ kid

    question for the homies in chico and the 530

    aye i'm up in Orland its ah few minutes away from chico and i need to cop NE5 and i ain't bout tah wait till i get bak to the bay tah get it so any 1 in this area kno where i can get it at?help me out peace.....
  19. $iccnes$ kid

    How'd it go?

    how wuz every ones halloween...i kno i drank jus ah lil too much cuervo and packed 1 to many bowls.......but all'n'all i guess it wuz alrite except 4 the fact i couldn't find my way home haha.....
  20. $iccnes$ kid

    new pac cd?

    i wuz watchin T.V the other day and there was ah comercial for a new 2PAC cd.....has any 1 else seen it? if so iz it like old recycled songs r some new shit?