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  1. Hood Rat Matt

    What’s up with the Siccness? Who is still here?

    Sup everyone. God bless
  2. Hood Rat Matt

    DB Tha General Thread

    DB was dope, but now he spends way too much time talking about other rappers....seems bitter
  3. Hood Rat Matt

    Hd of Bearfaced

    That was a good interview. H is a deep cat. This one came out a little before. It was a good look for him...probably got him some new fans (his boy from San Jo could've sat this one out though):
  4. Hood Rat Matt

    Trump (all political posts go here)

    I don't understand how people are so blind. They watch CNN and think they're being told the truth. We're being force-fed a diet of propaganda. Don Lemon is a black revolutionary, but wakes up and makes a white man eggs and washes his dirty drawers.
  5. Hood Rat Matt


    Watched it with my daughter. It was pretty good. I like it when I can find horror movies without sexual stuff
  6. Hood Rat Matt

    Dex Kruger (S.F.) - Frank Gore

    Different kind of beat, but I dig it.
  7. Hood Rat Matt


    My whole department wants to, but they just remodeled the office and the big wigs want us in
  8. Hood Rat Matt


    They're doing a "soft return" at my office. I'm going in tomorrow. Not looking forward to riding BART. It was so nice working from home all this time.
  9. Hood Rat Matt


  10. Hood Rat Matt

    Guce sentenced to 19 years?

    good shit, man. Thanks for posting!
  11. Hood Rat Matt

    Johnson and Johnson vaccine stopped after it causes blood clots ! they want you dead! ha ha ha h haha ha haaaaaaa

    The Office Manager where I work puts big pressure on all of us to get flu shots every year. Meanwhile, her department is always sick because they're obese gluttons. Proper nutrition, exercise, and good sleep...and don't watch the news all the time. IMO that's what everyone needs to do...
  12. Hood Rat Matt


    I like that Signed to the Streets series
  13. Hood Rat Matt

    I haven't kept up, did Messy Marv finally go off the deep end?

    Man...chillin. Been working from home and homeschooling 3 kids for a year now. How about you?
  14. Hood Rat Matt

    I haven't kept up, did Messy Marv finally go off the deep end?

    I still have hope for Mess. Hopefully he can clean up his act and make amends.
  15. Hood Rat Matt

    Uzzy Marcus' brother live-streams aftermath of double homicide only video I could find of his livestream:
  16. Hood Rat Matt

    Ant Banks - New Production

    Used to go by Goodfella. I wasn't here in the 90's but I started browsing in the early 2000s
  17. Hood Rat Matt

    Ant Banks - New Production

    Good to see some old heads on here. Looking forward to hearing some new music from the Big Badass