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    The Official Special Effects Thread

    @pyromanaic414 you going to eac yours ? I don't wanna open mine lol
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    Kutt Calhoun talks candidly about reasoning for leaving Strange Music Inc.
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    Collabos - Strangeulation

    His "memory" was jolted from the my mention of said banned user at the time.
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    Why was Zero banned?

    I don't post here much as do most of us. Hell i was banned b4 and was so during his banishment. What happened?
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    OG's vs Re-Issues/Re-Presses

    aside from The Worst/2k are there any differences? I was in KC last week and picked up some stuff from FYE and 7th Heaven and after looking around I find out they are represses. Calm Worst Worst 2k Cel Some of the art on the disc itself are different too. Most are Black with basic shit on it...
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    Where can I find The Grant Rice Empire Mixtape for purchase?

    Anybody? Seen it on ebay a while back at around 30ish and didn't pull the trigger now i am regretting it cause i cannot find it anymore. Anybody wanna sell theirs?