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  1. J

    The Curren$y and Jet Life Thread

    Owner's Manual is nice, especially "Mallory Knox"
  2. J

    The Curren$y and Jet Life Thread

    Hip Hop needs Covert Coup 2 so bad...
  3. J

    Big Krit Official Thread

    The song w/ Devin the Dude is jamming
  4. J

    Maxo Kream & Kream Clicc

    So I actually haven't listened to his music ever (downloading it tonight), but his clique was featured a lot in this 2012 documentary about SW Houston "The West." Coming in this thread I knew he looked familiar, but couldn't place it before. The documentary is a hood documentary (think N.O...
  5. J

    Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

    Co-sign all this, except for the first sentence. I still think "Bastard" is the album he/OF was born to make. Anyway tho, this is definitely better than "Goblin." I don't know how long he'll be able to stay on this subject matter, but it still working to me, and It's sad that the OF hype died...
  6. J

    Yung Ro "Donk Dat" #1 song on Hot 104.1fm STL

    I wonder how Yung Ro from Houston (was in the Color Changin Click) is gonna feel about this. Edit: I have heard this song on the radio though. It's alright...
  7. J

    Ill from Big Mike's Still Serious

    This rapper named "Ill" was featured on about 4 songs off of Big Mike's Still Serious and all of his verses were pretty hot to me. Did he ever have any solo material or other appearances?
  8. J

    What do you think of the new Chamillionaire album?

    What would you rate it? Do you think it's better or worse than Sound of Revenge?
  9. J

    Adult Swim shouts out J Dilla

    Yeah they do that a lot. They even ran a few promotions for the Donuts album. I thought it was pretty cool too.
  10. J

    Riddle me this

    I think it would be a mistake to use the same criteria used for Hip Hop for Metal.... And that's not even to say that a lot of rap subgenres are defined as much by their sound as lyrical content. Miami Bass, Screw Music, Trip Hop, Bounce, G-Funk etc. could all be seen as sub-genres of rap (kind...
  11. J

    NY vs N.O. Boot Camp Click

    Which group was better in your opinion, the NY B.C.C. with Black Moon Heltah Skeltah Smif-N-Wessun OGC or the N.O. B.C.C. with Mystikal Black Menace Fiend Insane (and anyone I'm forgetting from either group)?
  12. J

    The Mercenaries

    How many albums do they have? And which do you consider their best? I'm thinking of buying one and I was looking for some input. And if anyone has the song "Where That Weed At" off the Battle Cry album, could you upload it for me? I've been looking for it for a while.
  13. J

    Fiend - The Addiction

    Great album, Fiend's best CD since Street Life, imo.... What do y'all think of it?
  14. J

    South Classics Since 2002

    What you think? Dirty South albums 2002-2006 you consider classics...
  15. J

    Did Cool B (Gangsta Blac's Brother) have any solo albums?

    All I know him from is a few tracks from Gangsta Blac's Can It Be album (specifically Life's A Bitch). What other material does he have?
  16. J

    Where should I start w/ Midwest Rap?

    Thanks for the help... I'll check 'em out....
  17. J

    Where should I start w/ Midwest Rap?

    I just signed up (though I've been reading these forums for a little) and I wanted to know where I should start with midwest rap, 'cause this is an area I honestly know nothing about (past a little Twista, Bone Thugs, and Dayton Family). What albums/rappers/groups would you recommend I check out?
  18. J

    Mid-west huh..

    Damn, it's crazy that y'all know so much deep underground Midwest music, but have never heard of Atmosphere..... Personally, I think they're good, but I don't listen to their music a whole lot.