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  1. Fridge

    New video "Dumb"

    What up Sicc! Just thought I'd drop by and share this with those of you that dig my stuff in the past. This vid has a ton of clips of all the dumb shit I do in it. I hope you enjoy! 9P3NER4UE7g
  2. Fridge

    "8-Ton Gorilla" produced by Jake One The old crew still around here?
  3. Fridge

    How y'all been? Billy the Fridge - Fat Bitches video

    Anybody from back in the day still around here? It's been a while.
  4. Fridge

    Billy the Fridge's Million Dollar Fantasy Freak Show

    Long time no talk, people! Yeah, I've been out doing things. Recording some tracks... smashing fools in rap battles, donut eating competitions and other tests of strenght... and all the while, I had time to put out this damn CD. And throw a release party. For those of you in the greater...
  5. Fridge

    Printing up these mixtapes...

    So everybody is doing these graphics and stuff for these mixtapes, who's printing them up and what's the prices? Can anybody help push me in the best direction if I wanted to buy a press and set them up for my people here in the Northwest? I'm interested in sinking some money into a setup, or...
  6. Fridge


    How I met your mother. It's got Doogie Houser, Band Geek and awkward dude from Freeks and Geeks. And Bob Saget is the narrator. The show is fackin' funny... quality sit-com. It gets kind of faggy sometimes, but it's classic.
  7. Fridge

    The Battle of the Northwest: Seattle vs Portland

    So, as far as I can see it, this is the hip-hop battle of the century, between Seattle and Portland. No, it's not fought by Seattle rappers or Portland rappers. It only involves producers from the respective areas. However, they aren't even involved in the battle. The battle is between the...
  8. Fridge

    Reigncraft Record Release Party

    It's going down at Chop Suey, Tuesday night and it's going to have a lot of representation from the city there. It's going to be crackin' off. If you're over 21, come get twisted... if you're not 21, come anyways. It's all ages. Also, you can get the new album from - it's...
  9. Fridge

    Face recognition, LOLlobrigida!!!

    This site does face recognition, it supposedly matches you up to the celebrity you most look like. It's got some interesting technology. I used this photo off of myspace and got the rudest results. I thought they did me bad, until I looked at D and they Blaine'd him... HAHAHAHA! Here's a link...
  10. Fridge

    How was the mob deep show last night?

    I know we had a lot of people from the town performing, anything fun happen?
  11. Fridge

    A commentary: John Cena

    So, it's looking more and more like John Cena is needing to turn heel. However, when you make a heel turn, you're kind of forced to change up your move set. Infact, the face is supposed to have a lacking move set. He's supposed to take a beating, then come back after being beaten to a pulp. It's...
  12. Fridge

    Kingpin vs Shane Owens

    Okay, so this is probably going to get the gas face, but here is a little video made up of a match I had with this guy last July. There's a little intro to the match, as my character is basically a glutton. You can check it out here... Kingpin vs Shane Owens - 3:50
  13. Fridge

    Printable Skin: 'Inkjet' Breakthrough Makes Human Tissue

    By manufacturing human skin cells using a printer similar to an inkjet, scientists have taken a significant first step toward generating new skin. The process, which could revolutionize the treatment of major skin wounds, could be ready for clinical trials in five years. While much research...
  14. Fridge

    “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

    I would be very interested in seeing everyone's opinion on this quote. I will leave my opinion later on.
  15. Fridge

    The coolest little kid ever...
  16. Fridge

    Some fine art/hip hop...

    I just figured I'd spread the word and let you all check out some of my boy's artwork. He's a fine artist and a graph artist. He's got a lot of quality work. Check it out at and if you like it, send dude a little message. He'd appreciate it for sure.
  17. Fridge

    11-Year Old quits Modeling!

  18. Fridge


    I woke up this morning and there was blood on my boxers, from where my peter would have been hanging all night while I was sleeping. It wasn't like a few drops, but it also wasn't a puddle. It was about the size of a cell phone or something, stained on my boxers. I feel regular right now. Maybe...
  19. Fridge


    This goes out to Kalyn and Notes. It's birthday time in the 206, so all you super thugs put your guns down for a moment and poor a little liquor for the homies. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  20. Fridge


    Hey, I know we have some smart people on here. I have a Google Virus on my search bar, everytime I go to search for something it comes up and I'd like to get rid of it. I've included a screen capture of the problem. The red arrow is pointing to where the virus is coming up. All help is...