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    damn im not a mossie fan per say yet

    i never could stop slumpin the fooling tracks from kaveo tap dat azz and freakin young mugzi[i met dude cool as hype as you would expect!] 1]nsr[nuff said studio tone knockola 2]off boss ballin the truly azzed out mobb city point seen money gone the beat is wayyyyy over the top ] we hoggz...
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    has any one heard a peep from potent c or stevie dee

    good god game realated is was my top 5 alltime mike mosley and kevin gardner gave young knutty and potent c amazing beats....then on potent conversation anotha 707 smebbin dose potent c;s raps are average but tymer is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy smoove tight 5 most underated groups cds...
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    i hope you guys up on d boy terminator...echoes

    this is an amazing piece of work from tone and doff shit tony and doffy too cool young d boy touchdown
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    is p streets my padna playa p from fillmoe

    i see a famous rapper named playa p thats not mobb house hattin on the unda playa p is it.....and i see a guy named p streets is that glp plaaya p
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    yo powers in this batch..... sam bostic dropped a couple of million dollar sounding beats on here....j-bones raps are poor yet there is a cd full of 707 slump here dont know b-bumble he drops an amazing beat with that dope azz 707 piano.....shit j-bone drops a few smoking beats...
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    d-day from a-1

    yo im a huge fan of his work . love his padnas ....stevie dee,pizzo, big bone jo-jo hiz homey from his smokin black rain cd but.................... his new cd is weakkkkkkkkkkkkkk every track is sooo wanna be hypy ,or turf talk sounding its a joke ,,,,,,cause d-days previous sound is more...
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    good gosh lets beg studio tone to return

    listen to nsr by the mossie or aint no reason by young meek top 5 all time bay producer
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    fuck i miss potent c

    guy game related was/iz way to saucy.....707 tymer
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    any one seen main-o or henn from 11/5

    t-gunna with big mack ....i saw a 11/5 cut on a jay tee cd was called full clip
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    shawn powers tymer

    yes yes top ten cds ive heard in the last few years 02-17 10]luni recall.... 9] young meek...south areas most 8]k-1 ep 7]3xkrazy ....flowamatic 9 5#]apt 3 theme music 5]apt 3 knowen associactes 4] mac shawn...your favorite rapper 4*]too hard for the radio 2]...