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  1. H

    fuck it tell me what you think of this verse

    friend of mine is making a local mixtape (kansas city id post this in the midwest forum but there iisnt shit in tehre) and he told me if i wrtie a verse he'll put me on this original song he's doin about cars and shit...this is all i got so far i'm pushin a cutlass, city's most flaunted, got...
  2. H

    Whats RICH DA FACTOR been up to?

    fuck cant believe i missed this! i need to be checkin this forum more often for local shows
  3. H

    We ned a new bay area slang song

    You know how Big L did ebonics for NYC? we need a new bay area song breakin down the new yay it Bayonics, get 40 on that, 4 minute rundown of what means what. scraper, goin dumb, thizzin, stunna shadez, yadidamean, so on so on. a song like that would probably get radio play...
  4. H

    Yall need to get that BLEGIT album asap

    bay album of the year even if it is a bit southern...only track i wasnt feelin was "friends" but i have a feeling it put that on there for a reason its a knocka