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    Unreleased Woodie - Rivertown FT big tone

    This one went hard RIP Woodie
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    Dope Woodie and Snoop Doc

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    Various Artists – Northern RXpozure, Vol. 1

    This shit hard. He dropping vol 2 in a few days
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    A-Wax - Heavyweight

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    Shimo Media Cypher Band$, Rico 2 Smoove etc

    That first dude Band$ went off
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    Is Woodie's fam trying to suppress the east coco records legacy?

    I had got tatted by Lil Dee last year and I asked him about the shit on rapbay they was selling. If it was legit and what not and he said they was doing shady business to Woods mon. But she was nt tripping off it. Told him I had bought the Yoc Influenced vinyls and a poster cuz I thought it was...
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    Is Woodie's fam trying to suppress the east coco records legacy?

    Like Wax said in one of the songs on woodie world. Think she just can't let him go and accept he gone. Sucks all woodie shit burned in that paradise fire.
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    Northern Expozure Vol.8

    Wax putting out Vol. 8
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    A-Wax Woodie Documentary

    Looks like Wax putting together a documentary.
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    A Wax- East CO Co

    Who's that?
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    A Wax- East CO Co

    Don't know why Woodies mom is hating tho. Need to keep his legacy alive.
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    A Wax- East CO Co

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    A-Wax - Pure Pressure

    Wax just preview a new track. Woodie mom is hating.
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    MMA News Thread

    Cain Velasquez Arrested for shooting.
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    A-Wax - It All For

    Not feelin this style.
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    R.I.P. Tito B

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    R.I.P. LACED

    I just got tatted up by Lil Dee like 2 weeks ago and he was telling me the about how he was chilling with Laced the night before. Smh. RIP Laced.