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  1. 4SidedLie

    August 28th
  2. 4SidedLie

    Thursday: No Devolución

    Whipple procedure was done 3 weeks ago, shes doing a lot better. Lets keep this to discussing this album, Does anyone like this better than CE?
  3. 4SidedLie

    Thursday: No Devolución

    Brehs, I realize shits not cooll and quite frankly I dont care I just wanted to post the album for some thursday fans in here
  4. 4SidedLie

    Thursday: No Devolución

    Streaming live on this site right now, I give it 4.9/5 Gun to the first act is one of my favorites after listening once Sparks against the sun is mind blowing as well Only 128 Kpb but enjoy!
  5. 4SidedLie

    Thursday: No Devolución

    x8Fd4Dr-DIc Heard this song on the bus in chicago, a great great song. I think a leak should be happening really really soon
  6. 4SidedLie

    Thursday: No Devolución

  7. 4SidedLie

    You know what siccc

    I fucked up sorry n shit waddup though
  8. 4SidedLie

    Thursday: No Devolución

    f6-fdoHqCO0 Proof I was on that bus too
  9. 4SidedLie

    Thursday: No Devolución

    This album goes in so many directions, just the three I heard, No answer, A gun in the first act and Little sparks against the sun this album sounds fucking great with the 5 songs Ive heard so far
  10. 4SidedLie

    Thursday: No Devolución

    Tomorrow is going to be BA Ill let yall know how the album sounds
  11. 4SidedLie

    Thursday: No Devolución

    Fuck it hah
  12. 4SidedLie

    Thursday: No Devolución

    Ill be going to the show on Febuary 9th and I got picked from a contest to go on their bus and hear half of their new album You bet Ill be on here afterwards breaking everything down but like Nuttkase said, all their albums are good in their own way but CE fucking owns but I really really like...
  13. 4SidedLie

    Fuck this chicago blizzard

    Pics are coming soon when Im brave enough to get out there That is all
  14. 4SidedLie

    Thursday: No Devolución

    The album isnt out but the song is avilable in the link I posted
  15. 4SidedLie

    Thursday: No Devolución No Devolución, the sixth album by New Jersey punk/hardcore vets Thursday (out April 12 via Epitaph), is the band's most experimental effort to date, a sweeping, synth-y opus that veers farther from the band's post-hardcore...
  16. 4SidedLie

    I think its bad to say I know this kid

    CROWN POINT | A Hammond man accused of choking his 81-year-old grandmother with a dog leash and turning on the gas in the woman's kitchen faces attempted murder charges. Joseph Laich III, 22, told police he had taken his grandmother shopping for curtain rods Wednesday, later returning to the...
  17. 4SidedLie

    The legend of zelda skyward sword

    2dYgrMz_XBI Looks so fucking sick, Im getting a Wii just because of this
  18. 4SidedLie

    Minn vs chicago 12/20/2010

    who u got? if the bears win they automatically win the division if the vikings win they have a better record than last week
  19. 4SidedLie

    Pancreatic Cancer

    Let me tell you guys, LOOK THIS SHIT UP you dont know if you have it or you dont know if a loved one has it... back in october it took my uncle away without me knowing about it but everyone else did.. 4 days ago on december 11th my mother passed away from it at stage four.. the only way she knew...
  20. 4SidedLie

    The Chemist vs the computer!!

    How the hell do I become a member on and can you post the new one man?