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    I'm tryin' to cop a really good soundcard no matter how much... What are some of the best one's out there? If anyone knows or has a top notch soundcard let me know where I can get one...
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    Just a lil verse I did last summer

    Hit these mean streetz wit ententions of jackin' Deep down dirty inner city taggin' Krack my dosia sack and start to smokin' 4 all my homies bustin' wit K's and we livin' in hell Time 2 grip the pen and provale souls get sold leavin the world cold in that single cell But on the real I must...
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    back 2 flippin skriptz on the Siccness

    2 sick 2 be fucked with I buck quick Aimin' one at cho brain It's 2 hard 2 maintain a stable mind on detane So I gets away clean and always manage 2 stack my green rollin' through the night, top down blowin' out that dosia steam, Been smokin' on cocaine blunts 4 tha past six months and bustin'...
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    E-Mu Mk-6 Mo' Phatt

    Anyone ever worked with one of these? If so tell me a little about the sounds that come with it? Are they set for certain styles? And a question for all them mr. know it all's about studio shit, Is this a good Synthasizer? And is it worth coppin'? .... I'm one step away from gettin' it and I...
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    It'z tha fuckin kutt! Tech done did it again..... GOOD SHIT!
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    Aey D is Drama still on Street Level or what?...I know he's locked up right now.....but when he gets out is he gonna be apart of the line up on SLR?...I'm sure he's had a lot of time on his hands to write lyrics and shit I know I would...that shit would be sickk if he still was on street level...
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    Finally!...Who Are You're Favorite Artists Coming Out Of The Midwest???

    Psychodrama Twista Tech n9ne Crucial Conflict Do Or Die Bone Thugs
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    Happy B-Day C.O.L.A.

    Have a good one....23 n shit... DO YA THANG DAWG....
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    Deadly Disciples

    One of my favorate KVE tracks....filthy ass beat to it....Damn I'm luvin' it....Yun Gun and Dub come sick as fuck on this one The whole Lethal Weaponz comp is heat!:mad: Props to KVE!....Ya'll are makin' alot of noise up here in the 206!
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    Just picked up that "How The West Was Won" and....

    To tell you the truth I thought it was kinda weak...But when I was in the store lookin' at the cover I was like DAMN this has to be filled with slapers with all the big names on the front. But when I poped that shit in only a couple tracks stood out: "Hellbound" "Life I Live" "Steamin' Mad"...
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    Who's Your Favorate SLR Artist?

    This could be Old or New artists....basicaly who do you think was the tightest artist behind Street Level? If you had to pick just one who would it be? Mines M.D. .....He just comes WAY to sick on tracks...and RIPS em up.
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    First of all I'd like to give you BIG props for all your work...I'm luvin' it...Keep it up homie!! I was wondering what you use to make your beats?....on songs like "How We Ride", "Mind Games", "Gats N' Rivals", "Dirty Deeds" ....ect.ect. The beats sound Uniqe and that's why I was askin'...
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    This is just some little shit I did in about 15 min... My delivery is Sick...But I just want some opinions on the lyrics...Ok?... NOTE: I'm fuckin' helllllaaa perved! lOl Loadin' up clips and takin' drags off stoges got me sittin' comftrable on Vogs Laced with white wall tires, Sparkin'...
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    Which Tech N9ne Album Is The Most Heated..?..

    Drop the name of the album...and why you thought is was the best one...
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    What cha'll think of my new sig...

    Straight representin' S-E-A-double T-L-E! Tell me what ya'll think...Is it koo...or what?
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    Peep My new Sig...

    Wusup ya'll I'm back now...fresh n clean out the Instatution...Let me know what's been goin on. Damn there still ain't no New shit out....What's goin' on ya'll??? Peep my new Sig....And Tell me what you think iight..
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    Wudup ya'll I'm locked up right now down here in Walla Walla, and almost EVERYBODY in here knows about Street Level......shit were all waiting for some new shit to drop. I only get to use the computer on Saturdays for only half an hour, ain't that some bullshit, so I wont be on here as much as...
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    I heard he's in the works of writting a book, and in this book he said he will explain everything he knows about the murder of Pac. This book is due to come out some time next year(2003) that's 7 years after Pac's death. Ain't that some ish? IMO Pac has a lot of mysterie behind him with the...
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    PEEP IT!'s a taste. I got the whole album sealed $6.00 shipped Hitt me on my Private Message!