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    Actually found an old SAC song i have never heard

    Two tracks from Sicx and Lynch just surfaced on youtube Original Nigga Deep????
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    Anyone got info. a couple of Lynch tracks?

    The first track that disappeared was suppose to be on Gangsta Dre's - Stand & Deliver album. I remember the album cover add Lynch feat. on it before it dropped... I always wanted hear Lynch & Dre on a song :( The second track that disappeared was suppose to be on Balance - Young & Restless...
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    Brotha Lynch Hung Book II?

    I found a tracklisting on this album and printed it from cduniverse back in 2004 and found it the other day...... Remains: Book II 1. Blocc Monster 2. Murder In My Blood 3. 187 On 24th Street 4. Remember What I Told You 5. 4U Momma 6. Lose A Hoe Reprise 7. Hoes & Scheems 8. Dirty Poems 9...