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  1. Rossibreath

    How do you consume/listen to music?

    I'm pretty much strictly Apple Music now.
  2. Rossibreath

    Wtf why 40 album didn’t drop?

    Answer me!
  3. Rossibreath

    MLB 2015 Thread

    Alotta chunky hos here bruh
  4. Rossibreath

    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    Nuts a buddy of mine got 10 years for his 9th
  5. Rossibreath

    The Official Golden State Warriors Thread

    Weirdest thing anyone ever said to me
  6. Rossibreath

    I’m at E40 and Spice1 concert in Wisconsin bruhs

    Cool story nerd
  7. Rossibreath

    Taco Bell is Illuminati ! exposed

    Diarrhea bell
  8. Rossibreath

    Do you guys think Aussie hip hop is compatIble with American hip hop?

    Or else she could just get a job lol
  9. Rossibreath

    Any Podcast Listeners?

    I listen to the 06010 fantasy football podcast
  10. Rossibreath


    I don't even know what antifa is lol
  11. Rossibreath

    Shoe nerds

    Like 3 or 4 years ago I had 2 pairs of low top Nikes that were dark blue and baby blue and I wanna get them again but I can't find a picture of them anywhere. So I dont know what to google to buy them. I wasted like 3 hours in the last two days googling shit and looking at pictures of shoes and...
  12. Rossibreath

    Jay Z - 4:44

    I never heard a Jay Z album in my life
  13. Rossibreath

    Awax ft. LavD on nonstop beat

    Her bodies bangin tho
  14. Rossibreath

    Lynch Carried The West When 2pac Was Gone

    That's not accurate in the rest of the country lol
  15. Rossibreath

    A-WAX and his BOY-TOY are having relationship problems

    Haha I don't wear jewelry I'm a 40 year old white guy
  16. Rossibreath

    Fuck religion

    I use knives to make sandwiches and cut steak
  17. Rossibreath

    Kendrick Lamar "DAMN."

    Social responsibility wants to kiss Kendrick Lamar
  18. Rossibreath

    Twitter IPO / Who Buyin?

    They're orange