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  1. Krayzie Bone

    The official "I'm going back to jail" thread

    ? fuck this thread
  2. Krayzie Bone

    Tha Joker - Why So Serious? (Mixtape)
  3. Krayzie Bone

    Best Devin The Dude Quotes

    lemme start this one off with a classic line "I Smoke weed, I Drink brew, thats all I rap about cuz shit thats all I do"
  4. Krayzie Bone

    Wiz Khalifa- In the cut (official video) sorry i dont know how to embed youtube vids on here
  5. Krayzie Bone

    Wiz Khalifa- Black & Yellow

    who else thinks this shit is dope as fuck
  6. Krayzie Bone

    lupe is fucking dope

    that short ass mixtape he dropped, enemy of the state, proves he's one of the best lyricists. I mean come on are yall hearing the shit he's saying, its fucking rediculous. "rappin acid, eat this up" lmao after i tripped on acid he was the only rapper i listened too for a minute
  7. Krayzie Bone

    Bone Thugs - "Bumps in the Trunk" from Interscope album

    yall know that track and into the future are fuckin insanely fire
  8. Krayzie Bone

    Short Story About Bone Thugs-N-Harmony in "Ruthless"

    ha pretty good shit, i could read a whole book bout bone stories, lol at flesh tryin to rob old white men
  9. Krayzie Bone

    Dayton Family- Shadows

    First off i would like to say this is an awesome song, but i look at this song seriously and not as entertainment. Doesnt it seem like people that live sinful lifestyles deal with situations like the ones stated in this song? Do you guys think that bootleg and shoestring actually go through or...
  10. Krayzie Bone

    Exclusive Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Interview

    ^^lol that was an independent koch album, i wasnt expectin it to be anything special, but from what ive heard comin from the interscope album, gonna be an awesome album!
  11. Krayzie Bone

    bone- faces of death

    pass the pussy on the left hand side
  12. Krayzie Bone

    bone- faces of death

    that album is a fuckin classic, what chall think bout it?
  13. Krayzie Bone

    [Download] Wildstyle - Pockets Shawt (Instant Classic)

    yup and nope, im pretty sure its off a mixtape
  14. Krayzie Bone

    krayzie bone thoughts

    ^^are you crazy?
  15. Krayzie Bone

    [Download] Wildstyle - Pockets Shawt (Instant Classic)

    For yall that aint heard it yet, came out this year, I cant get tired of this track it is just too damn raw
  16. Krayzie Bone

    krayzie bone thoughts

    cuz when i made the name, i was bumpin thug mentality and couldnt think of nuttin else