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  1. sloth11

    Chris Webber to the Warriors!!! By Marc Stein (Archive) Updated: January 27, 2008, 11:46 PM ET Chris Webber's unlikely but fast-moving return to the Golden State Warriors is on course to be completed by Tuesday, according to sources close to the negotiations...
  2. sloth11

    Does anyone else get annoyed....

    Does anyone else get annoyed when watching people talk about Barry Bonds and then they bring up an asterisk, but say Asterik? It annoys the shit out of me and makes everyone look like un educated people. And its not just the people in the streets, but sportscasters and whatnot. Does anyone else...
  3. sloth11

    Killer Klowns from Outer Space... the greatest movie ever made. Does anyone agree with me?
  4. sloth11

    Fabo performance at the Ozone Awards

    Anyone know what the song is called that he did?
  5. sloth11

    Comcast Commercials

    I basically think that these commercials are the greatest things ever, from Save Moolah and Save Big Bucks to Hang on to Your Dough and Save a Lot. The only problem is that I cannot find these anywhere, outside of Save Big Bucks, Save Moolah, and thats about it. Any help with posting these would...
  6. sloth11

    Warriors KG rumor

    Jim Gray on espn just said on the live broadcast that the Warriors have slowly tiptoed into the Kevin Garnett sweepstakes. Take that for what it is worth
  7. sloth11

    Song Help

    I am wondering what the song is and by who, where the chorus is something like "Put it in the pocket". The music video is a basic white background the entire time. Cant find what it is called anywhere
  8. sloth11

    Harold and Kumar question

    At the end of the movie, the news report says that they have and artists sketch of the two criminals, that they believe to be very, very accurate. It shows a hilarious picture of an indian guy and a chinese guy. i was wondering if there was anywhere where I could download this picture. Ive...
  9. sloth11

    Artist needed ASAP

    I cannot draw for the life of me, and need some help. I need a logo in the shape of an M. I want it to be like 3 claw marks that end up in the shape of an M. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated. 3 Claw marks in the shape of an M. Colors need to be orange and black. Thanks for any...
  10. sloth11

    Where can I buy an incredibly ugly Mens XMAS sweater?

    Anyone know of a place to go? Im talking straight hideous. Like the ones you see and you say, "Damn...Now thats a f*cking ugly ass sweater." Any help would be greatly appreciated
  11. sloth11

    Anyone watch the Contender?

    All I have to say is that if they continue to give a microphone to the boxers' wife/girlfriend so we can hear them over everyone else, Im going to have to hang myself. That asian broad seriously should not be allowed out in public without a muzzle. I would rather listen to Fran Drescher or...
  12. sloth11

    Save the most Hyphy mascot ever

    So basically, Stomper, the Oakland A's mascot, is about to quit the Oakland Athletics baseball team due to unfair working conditions. To lose someone like this would be a huge loss. There is even a countdown on his myspace saying how long until there is no more hyphy stomper...
  13. sloth11

    Ricky Williams Toronto Argonauts jersey

    Anyone know where you can pick one of these jerseys up? Jerseys look kinda cool
  14. sloth11

    Gatorade has the best commercials

    After watching the latest Gatorade commercial, with the sports player heads on kid bodies with kid voices, I have officially declared Gatorade the King of commercials. There is also the commercial of the famous sports plays going wrong without Gatorade, and the famous Vince Carter playing one on...
  15. sloth11

    Bay Area Instrumentals

    Are there any cds out where you can get these? Or somewhere where you can get them? Im looking for hyphy instrumentals
  16. sloth11

    FAB better do something soon

    I only say this because Money Mike is coming out with a cd on the Diplomats record label, and that fool sounds exactly like FAB. When i first heard FAB and didnt know what he looked, I imagined Money Mike. I can already hear people outside the bay saying that FAB is trying to copy Money Mikes style.
  17. sloth11


    Post up a picture of a wrestler. If you know the answer, put the picture up in your reply and then give your answer. Then make up your own. Here are a few...
  18. sloth11

    Hoodstarz Performance in Foster City
  19. sloth11

    The Team, Hoodstarz and Balance in concert TODAY!!!!!!

    Who: The Team, Hoodstarz, Balance, Flo-Masters Inc and Entity (hosted by Wild 949) Where: The Vibe Foster City Teen Zone 670 Shell Blvd. Foster City, CA 94404 When: 2:30-4:30 Cost: Free All of you better get your asses out here. Free Bay Area rap concerts dont happen very often.
  20. sloth11

    Flo Masters in DFB video???

    Are those the Flo Masters Inc. members dancing in the Lean With it Rock With it video? I see a group of like 3 or 4 people rocking Flow Masters shirts and pants. Was wondering if it was really them or not.