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    The Nugget King

    Check Out The Nugget King, he's a rapper from the napa/sonoma wine country. With songs like Internet Pirate, Peaches and Creme Friache and Tap That Shingle, The Nugget King raps about what he knows best.
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    Mac Dre Mixtapes

    So im surfing the net and i come across this shit, , and i notice they have Dont Hate the Player 2 and a Tribute Mixtape for Mac Dre hosted by Yukmouth for sale...both look off the is a tracklist for the Tribute Mixtape 1 THIZZY INTRIZZY -YUKMEZEEY/MAC DREZEEY 2 WHAT...
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    Da Unda Dogg - Blockumentary: Soundtrack

    I was checking out rapbay and came across this cd. I was just wondering if this was new stuff or a bunch of recyled or a combination of the two.
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    Mac Dre- 8 Albums by Summer???

    I was reading the new explosive mag and in the rip dre section irocc said that dre planned to drop 8 albums by summer 1) is this true and 2) what would have been the 8 albums?? dre albums possibly coming out before summer: supa Sig tapes Da us Open 15 yrs. deep Mac dre presents starterz in tha...
  5. B fourms

    Whats up with the forums now? there is only one fourm and its entitled im assuming it got hacked cause nickys website did too...any info on this??
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    Messy Marv- Different Slanguagues

    They got it available at check it out yet?
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    Mac Dre- Apearances & Best of II

    i was checkin out cd universe and on nov 16th it says that dre is coming out with an appearances cd and a best of part 2...does anyone have any other info on this??
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    Question about a Keak song

    A keak song was on the radio the other day and it had like a pink panter type beat to it and in the chorus he says how hes cool a bunch of times...what song is this and what cd is it off of or is it new?
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    Genie of the Lamp Vs Dregonomics

    Which one do u think is better??...I gotta go with Genie of the Lamp
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    Bay Area Muscle Cd

    Does anyone have this cd?? if so is it worth it and could u post up a tracklist?
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    b-legit- word pimpin

    i just saw this shit at says that it comes out on dec 16. anyone heard anything about this??
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    Sleepdank-15bluntz2light question

    I just bought that new sleepdank and the cd is hella fucked up. It has 19 tracks, instead of 18 and is like all r&b. i listened to it a northern-ridaz and this is totally different...some r&b cat and isnt the real sleepdank cd. What the fuck is this?