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    Bill cooper on gnosticism
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    if Pac had stayed in the bay would

    @Darkshowdown Pac got his game from Oakland he says it himself thats why he showed so much love to Oakland. "and we claim 2pac as a source of pride!"
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    Rip hugo chavez!!!

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    Sandy Hook labeled in Batman film Consipiracy

    Came across this. I havent watched this movie myself but it seems to be legit from what I've read. can't get the video to work hes the link though this is the map zoomed in. Just thought I'd share
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    Pearl Harbor

    So I'm watching this documentary about the Grand Coulee dam on KQED, and they mentioned that the electricity produced by the dam helped play a major role in creating industries in the north west. Not even a year after the completion of the dam, pearl harbor was attacked, a lot the industries...
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    I'm so sick of 11:11

    i hate stopping what im doing just to have all my wishes come true
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    Louis Vuitton font?

    Anyone got it? Or know what it is....
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    ps3 headsets

    any recomendations? i want one with 2 ear peices not one...theres hella out there but anyone know of one that i cant go wrong with?
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    have you ever fucked your boss?

    i havent but sure would love to give mine the business, she got this south african accent oo weeee
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    police @ soccer game

    all the fans jump on the field after the riot cops start hitting a streaker with the night stick and leave one cop knockd out
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    Ethics work

    gotta write a paper on war being good or bad,im arguing its bad of course...just wanted some educated opinions or other views..right on in advance..
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    iPOD Music vids

    anyone know a site that got downloadable videos im tryna throw some on the ipizzle
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    i gotta do this lil survey for school so if u guys answer id appreciate it, thanks 1. Do you own a vehicle? yes/no 2. If yes, how much did your vehicle cost? $1-10,000/ $10,000-20,000/ $20,000-30,000 3. Do you use public transportation? yes/no 4. Do you have a job? yes/no 5. Do...
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    Stroke of insight..

    "Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor had an opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: One morning, she realized she was having a massive stroke. As it happened -- as she felt her brain functions slip away one by one, speech, movement, understanding -- she studied and remembered every moment...
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    22's for sale........
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    AP.9 video

    anyone have a link to the video of ap.9 gettin tatted on inked
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    itunes help

    everytime i try to drag a song onto my playlist, i get an "Unknown error (-50). cant find anythin on the net about this type of error, and the guy at the apple store said he hasnt heard of this error. anyone know what on earth know how to fix it?
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    anyone seen

    those anti-marijuana commercials, with the little cartoons they have this guy sitting down with his girlfriend, hes smokin some tweed, and this alien comes in a space ship, and the girlfriend leaves the dude for the alien because that guy was smokeh sum blunts hahaha found the video...
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    Dane Dane!!

    wasup how come you deletein my patnas threads, blood
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    husalah song...

    anyone know of a song from hus called "this iz dope" anyone at all