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  1. ColdBlooded

    **Official "Django Unchained" Thread**

    Spike Lee Is No Quentin Tarantino By Luther Campbell Spike Lee Is No Quentin Tarantino - Miami - News - Riptide 2.0 Uncle Luke, the man whose booty-shaking madness made the U.S. Supreme Court stand up for free speech gets as nasty as he wants to be for Miami New Times. This week, Luke...
  2. ColdBlooded

    Best Film of 2012 nomination thread in Movies & Television Forum

    Come nominate your favorites
  3. ColdBlooded

    Official “Best Film of 2012” nomination thread

    OK here is the Idea. Nominate the ten best movies of 2012 and then I’ll make a poll to decide the winner. The problem is we need movies to do this. So before we get to voting on which movie we like best we need the movies to vote on. Read the directions: Here is a list of films from...
  4. ColdBlooded

    Can anyone hook me up with a private Torrent site invite?

    Used to have a torrent leech account, but fell out of torrenting for a while and now their invite system is down. Can anyone hook up an invite to another good tracker? I've always had good ratios. PM me :siccness:
  5. ColdBlooded

    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    @KAH707KALI I'm not dead @S.SAVAGE & @2-0-Sixx you're right I went to Thailand twice now. Here are some random pics from Thailand. And here are some pics of food in Thailand. Cambodia may be on the agenda in 2014 when I go back to Thailand.
  6. ColdBlooded

    Socialist wins 28% of the vote in Seattle

    Historic Opportunities to Challenge Corporate Politics Philip Locker, Socialist Alternative (CWI supporters in the US) “This is just the beginning!” Kshama Sawant promised supporters and voters on behalf of Socialist Alternative at an excited election...
  7. ColdBlooded

    yes Yes YES [NSFW]

  8. ColdBlooded

    Why Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Beats All Other Indy Films

    Why Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Beats All Other Indy Films Emily Asher-Perrin This is one of those opinions that is probably going to get me hauled out to face some sort of tribunal under charges of blasphemy. See, when it comes to Indiana Jones, most hardcore fans will say it's...
  9. ColdBlooded

    What fictional item from a game or movie would you like to get your hands on?

    I would have included book with "game or movie", but we all know siccness don't read. First thing I thought of:
  10. ColdBlooded

    The Emerging Revolution in Game Theory

    The Emerging Revolution in Game Theory The discovery of a winning strategy for Prisoner's Dilemma is forcing game theorists to rethink their discipline. Their conclusion? Winning isn't everything. The world of game theory is currently on fire. In May, Freeman Dyson at Princeton University and...
  11. ColdBlooded

    What have you heard/done recently that made you feel old?

    A co-worker of mine told me yesterday he'd never seen Wonder Years when it wasn't in re-runs. He also told me the first CD he owned was Westside Connection. I felt old :(
  12. ColdBlooded

    What do your coworker(s) do that pisses you off?

    The guy who sits next to me taps his foot. Constantly. On the plastic thing they put on the floor so your desk chair can roll easier. Sounds like a tap shoe. All day. He's doing it right now - Tap tap tap tap tap tap taptaptaptaptap tap tap tap taptaptap tap tap tap. I have a dream of...
  13. ColdBlooded

    David Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises sequel probably isn’t happening

    For a guy who has no real problem securing international funding for a talky Don DeLillo adaptation about the perils of cyber-capitalism starring teen idol Robert Pattinson (Cosmopolis, in theatres Friday), Canadian director David Cronenberg sure has trouble funding more ostensibly lucrative...
  14. ColdBlooded

    If you were to die suddenly, today, without warning.

    What awkward/embarrassing/shocking things would your family and friends find while sorting through all of your stuff?
  15. ColdBlooded

    Is there one toy from your childhood that you wanted that you never got?

    One more than any. Would you buy it now? Or if you bought it, what was it?
  16. ColdBlooded

    What sport do you think is the hardest?

    And why?
  17. ColdBlooded

    What some people call idleness is often the best investment

    In his essay “In Praise of Idleness”, Ber¬trand Russell suggested that the working day should be reduced from eight hours to just four. Russell’s intention was not to boost productivity during those four hours (he distrusted efficiency). No, he wanted half as much work to be done and more...
  18. ColdBlooded

    Killing Them Softly

    4RaEF2aIbJQ Adapted from George V Higgins’ novel Cogan’s Trade, the film finds Pitt as a hit man hired to track down and kill two low-level criminals (Scoot McNairy and Ben Mendelsohn) who made the mistake of robbing a mob poker game. What transpires is much more than your typical crime...