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    Tech & Crooked I "Don't Speak" Download?

    whats the word on a link to the track king tech played recently? (song tech took the verse from for the bonus track on "bad season") song is dope & tech's verse is even stronger over the real production, but i cant find any info/dl anywhere
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    New Tech, Kaliko, Aqualeo track-"Free"

    Not sure if i missed it, but as far as i know this is a new track. Aqualeo feat. Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko - Free - download and stream | AudioMack
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    FYE Selling "Lost Scripts/Seepage" Package LP

    My apologies if this has already been posted/mentioned, but i didn't see it anywhere. Walked through FYE today and saw that "Lost Scripts/Seepage" is being sold as an exclusive there now, pretty cool.I already bought both & burned em to a disc in the "Anger/Madness/The Hole" layout as it should...
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    Midwest Choppers Pt.2 W.Twista

    my B if this was posted already.damn shame this wasnt on the album, this track woulda went HARD with twista, kray, and tech Here's a version of the song with all 4 verses as well. Midwest Choppers Pt.2 w.K-Dean_ Twista_ _ Krayzie Bone.mp3 - 13.67MB Just twista & tech's verses: Twista...
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    so what do yall think of it? im not done listenin to it, but im def. lovin it...sounds like its gonna be better then B.L.E.V.E. "the green mile" is that jumpoff! im def. coppin this joint on tuesday