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  1. then9ne2007

    TRAE The Truth Official Thread

    Twisted is one of my favorite Tech songs. Terrible? And I been lookin for a Tech & Trae collab for awhile....this disappointed. Beat is eh & the hook is boring & sucky. Verses were decent, Tech's was the best. Disappointing TBH. That Nikkiya song w/Tech & Rittz is way better.
  2. then9ne2007

    Dayton Family- Charges of Indictment

    Eh, listened to it once, haven't listened again yet. Nothing really stood out to me. Love F.B.I., will always bump that shit. I don't know, maybe I'll give a it a few more listens soon.
  3. then9ne2007

    Bad Season will be released on Christmas...

    Tech N9ne Links With DJ Whoo Kid for Christmas Mixtape Fans can download for free exclusively on on December 25… Independent superstar Tech N9ne will be offering fans a special gift this Christmas, his new mixtape Bad Season, hosted by G-Unit’s own DJ Whoo Kid. will be...
  4. then9ne2007

    My Top 100 Tech songs

    I was bored one night, and already listening to Tech, so I thought I would put pen to paper and rank my top 100 Tech songs. I put them into tiers (100-91, 90-81, etc..), and then ranked them in each tier. Here's the final product: 100. Mad Confusion 99. Demons 98. Too Much 97. Holier Than Thou...
  5. then9ne2007

    How do...

    Talentless motherfuckers like Soulja Boy, Party Boyz, etc.....get record deals in the first place? This isn't a thread to hate on all the garbage, I'm just truly wondering how they get record deals, while talented rappers don't. It confuses me, especially when Im having a conversation with a...
  6. then9ne2007

    New Murder Dog mag interview

    With Tech & Travis. Didn't see this posted anwhere....Long ass interview, but a good one.
  7. then9ne2007

    The New Korn Album Korn III Remember Who You Are.

    Been listenin for 3 weeks now.....there's just not really any standout songs IMO. Good album no doubt though. I guess I was one of the few that really liked Untitled, so Im not ready to say its better than Untitled.
  8. then9ne2007

    Best Dayton Family album since f.b.i.?

    Yeah nothing tops FBI. To me Welcome to the Dopehouse in their 2nd best. I didnt really care for their other albums. I also got Shoestring's Representin Till the World Ends, it's decent.
  9. then9ne2007

    Juicy J - Old Triple Six

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  10. then9ne2007

    My favorite song today

    absolutely love this song, one of my fav. rock songs ever....
  11. then9ne2007

    Post your 5 favorite songs from the 90s

    Props on Late Nite Tip Prodigy. But damn this is waaaaay too hard for me.
  12. then9ne2007

    My favorite song today

    I just now saw this thread, I usually have a different fav. song everyday it seems like. Or every other day. I been bumpin this song all day: <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
  13. then9ne2007

    nominate your favorite song of kansas city all time...

    Its hard enough choosing a favorite song from a single Tech N9ne album. And now your asking to choose a favorite song from the ENTIRE CITY of KC. I cant do it lol
  14. then9ne2007

    Who is the most legendary rapper from the Midwest?

    LMAO @ Rich the Factor being mentioned. He's just your run of the mill average monotonous rapper. Nothing special at all. And doesnt he re-sell his music & use the same titles and shit?? Thats just awful. Anyways: Eminem Tech N9ne Twista Bone Thugs Nelly Dayton Family What about Crucial Conflict?
  15. then9ne2007

    Juicy J - Cut Throat mixtape DL there....I have yet to listen....his last mixtape Play Me Some Pimpin Pt.2 was pretty damn good.
  16. then9ne2007

    Tech article.... Tech N9ne Tears of a clown By Kyle Eustice A murder of crows can’t out-creep Tech N9ne. Rarely do face paint and hardcore rap seamlessly fit together, but for Kansas City’s Tech N9ne, it’s been his steez for the past two decades. The...
  17. then9ne2007

    Something I've never understood

    Why is that Tech gets called a "devil worshipper", and that's I guess the reason why alot of black folks dont listen to Tech, yet Three 6 Mafia in their old days were known for their devil shit, and black people love them???? And to top it off, Tech ISNT a devil worshipper and never wrote any...
  18. then9ne2007

    Tech N9ne ft Brotha Lynch - Strange Music Box
  19. then9ne2007


    Tech and Eminem, easy.
  20. then9ne2007

    Tech & 3 6

    So Matic told us Tech got Three 6 Mafia on a song for K.O.D. And now on Juicy J's youtube page, he says Tech N9ne will be on Three 6 Mafia's new album. Tech N9ne on a Three 6 Mafia beat = my dream collabo finally comin true Cant believe it. Never thought they would collab.