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  1. ImmortalLowlife

    Take it slow.

    Mane i haven't been on here in years, are you sicx son? or daughter?
  2. ImmortalLowlife

    ADR Lavey Updates

    I asked about his son too, if anyone's interested. Still trying to find his IG. It sounds like his son is doing his own thing, not really horrorcore. but if you listened to lil ADR on known assc's he sounded pretty fuckin good.
  3. ImmortalLowlife

    ADR Lavey Updates

    This the second time this dude took his time and spent with a hardcore fan on the phone, so I feel like I must let everyone know ADR is still putting shit out. He told me about tons of shit I haven't heard yet, including Nightbreed. I just need to find the links again. I still have the links to...
  4. ImmortalLowlife


    Eminem-ShadyXV Release I'm excited for this shit, I think Eminem's getting even better lyrically. As long as there's no more bullshit with Rhianna. C2pYNk-Gxxk
  5. ImmortalLowlife

    Don't Prank Black People

    I fucking hate all these wannabe Youtube stars making prank videos, especially since they think it's hilarious to prank black people specifically. So here's a video of these hipster faggots getting what they deserve. EnAyVE8LHWQ
  6. ImmortalLowlife

    Fucking Metal!!!

    Cradle Of Filth-Total Fucking Darkness (2014) Download
  7. ImmortalLowlife


    Sugarhill Gang you punk muthafuckas.
  8. ImmortalLowlife

    Reccomend me some PC games.

    I ain't really got shit, but it's all I got right now until I buy a PS4. I dont play that RPG MMO type bullshit though...tried it before and hated it. I'm still playin outlast right now.
  9. ImmortalLowlife

    When's ADR's new shit droppin.

    I listened to 6th Day:The Sacarfice soo many times now. Any word on The 6th Month: The Exchange or 6th Day: Evil Was Born? If you're on here ADR, I'll message you my new cell number, I dropped my burner and got a legit phone. and I know I ain't the only one anticipatin this shit....
  10. ImmortalLowlife

    My favorite song today

  11. ImmortalLowlife

    Fucking Metal!!!

    Such a good song, and great album. SnTL1L8a6YI And some Ghost, one of my favorites XK8mUj7nn70
  12. ImmortalLowlife

    Truth Rap

    I need some more music that actually kicks knowledge in their raps. I know Immortal Technique does it and shit but just post some more songs where the artists are spittin the truth. Ras Kass-Jack Frost II ebqPtz3FltQ Ras Kass-Nature of The Threat <The realist shit gj3KFKnB54I K Rino-Grand...
  13. ImmortalLowlife

    Child rapist gets what he deserved.

    And fuck anyone who says he didn't, dudes going to end up getting raped to death. Child rapist raped, stitched by medics, then raped again by 20 prisoners Read more at I heard he need 120 stitches in that bloody, shitty ass.
  14. ImmortalLowlife

    Problem with notifications

    When I go to check my props or my quoted posts or whatever it sends me to a blank page that says "page not found." is this happening to anyone else?
  15. ImmortalLowlife

    Rip Oderus (Gwar)

    damn even Mars posted something about this on facebook.
  16. ImmortalLowlife

    Ras Kass-Jack Frost II Ras Kass - Jack Frost 2 (White Christmas) - Doc Hollywood - YouTube <--Puttin up the link cus my youtube video will probably just be a white box. This shit is like Nature of The Threat part 2. Ras spits some real fuckin knowledge.
  17. ImmortalLowlife

    True Facts About Morgan Freeman
  18. ImmortalLowlife

    Signature size

    I see people with youtube videos and big ass pictures in their sigs, but whenever I upload a picture for a sig it resizes so damn tiny you cant see it. How do I fix that?
  19. ImmortalLowlife

    Anyone any good at jailbreaking IPods?

    I've been wantin to do mine for a while, I just don't want to fuck it up. I got a IPod Touch 4g and the OS is 6.13 I think. Can anyone help?
  20. ImmortalLowlife

    Anyone else here suffer from depression...etc

    Don't know if this is the right place for this kind of shit or not, but I was wondering if anyone else here suffers from depression or anxiety or any other mental health issues that effects their daily life. Just tryin to get real for minute. It helps talking about it even if its with complete...