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  1. bayGIANTS

    free mags

    get free maxim, blender, and stuff for how long as u want. just put in the code "1free" it says u only get one free but you can do it hella times
  2. bayGIANTS


    wheres a good reliable spot to get t-shirts pressed up?? I'm looking for a spot, preferably somewhere on the peninsula. thanks
  3. bayGIANTS

    Do Black People Like Coldplay?

    do you know how I know you're gay? you listen to coldplay
  4. bayGIANTS

    What motivates atheists?

    If you believe that there is life after death and that life on earth is just a test, then you have a fairly obvious motivation regardless of how life is going for you. but if you are an atheist, what motivates you? Now if life is good and you are not struggling then wanting to go on living is...
  5. bayGIANTS

    wtf is with.....

    wtf is with people who put their used toilet paper in the garbage next to the toilet? I had never really heard of this but I have been told that a lot latin and filipino people do this. My roomate does this shit and it has got to be one of the most discusting things ever but I dont know how to...
  6. bayGIANTS

    The first official LDS debate.

    first I want to say that this is not for anyone that isnt truly a god fearing individual. I'll do my best to ignore anyone that I feel is not open to learning new things and I would hope that people bring an open mind when posting in this thread. There are a number of people that I respect who...
  7. bayGIANTS

    hear 2 brand new fed songs they are number 3 and you can listen to 2 new songs.
  8. bayGIANTS

    Panic! At the Disco

    arent they more considered "glamrock" or something like that? but either way, I like their shit. but I honestly like all kinds of music.
  9. bayGIANTS

    starting a business-copyright, trademark etc. ?s

    I'm starting my own business and am trying to figure out what I need to do to get it started. How do I go about gettin my shit trademarked so no one else can steal it. I tried searching for it but couldnt really find many specifics, at least not anything that made a lot of sense to me. can...
  10. bayGIANTS

    Mars Volta "Amputechture" Aug./Sept. Release Date

    you deserve a hug man
  11. bayGIANTS

    J-Boeg, I need your help...? about a traffic ticket...

    or anyone else that might know... i got a traffic ticket over a month ago and just now realized that i didnt receive the courtesy notice in the mail. my court date is wednesday (at least i think it is, the boegs handwriting is sloppy as hell) and I am trying to think of some way to get out of...
  12. bayGIANTS


    just in case you didnt already know, san quinn is from frisco!!!!!
  13. bayGIANTS

    Pink Floyd "Any Colour You Like"

    go buy dark side of the moon. many people consider it the single greatest album of all time.
  14. bayGIANTS

    Kevin federline and ya boy track. what ya'll think bout this? sounds like he's gonna shake the papazao shit get on that thug/bay/cali shit.
  15. bayGIANTS

    smokin in vegas

    I'm bout to go to vegas and am staying at new york new york. I'm gonna bring some trees with me and want to know your experiences/what u think about smokin out there. I know that possession alone is felony so I aint tryna get caught up out there. my boy lives out there and we usually just...
  16. bayGIANTS

    my very first album cover attempt

    this is my first attempt really at doing anything remotely serious with photoshop. this will not be used for anything, im just practicing and shit because I'm probably gonna hook my boy up with his album cover. I just wanna get your feedback. I am not expecting any praises and shit because...
  17. bayGIANTS

    Pink Floyd "The Great Gig In The Sky"

    you are the man redstorm!!!
  18. bayGIANTS

    Pink Floyd "The Great Gig In The Sky"

    fuck, that shit dont work for me. I really wanna hear this too. im a big pink floyd fan. GOAT IMO
  19. bayGIANTS

    limits to charges when you're car is towed?

    someone got my car towed yesterday and they charged me fuckin $520 for about 4 hours. does anyone know if there is some sort of limit because I feel like I have been assraped. it all just seems real shady. it was parked at a business and when i go into the business to get the number of the...
  20. bayGIANTS


    its a dual disk? I hate those things. I was gonna buy it but now i think i might not. those things dont work in neither my computer or my car