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    R.I.P. Hustalamade Bugzy

    Damn! Husltamade Bugz is dead......?? Dude put out a couple nice albums....


    I think I have the Empire mixtape.......maybe even a few copies. I will have to look.

    2015 World Series CHAMPS!???

    Who you got? Royals!!!!!

    2015 Kansas City Royals

    Lets get it! JL

    Kansas City Royals ALCS CHAMPS 2014!!!!

    8-0 in the post far! Kansas City is so live right now!! Let's Go Royals!!!!!

    Let's Go Royals!!!!

    I haven't been around much so I just wanted to stop by and say...... Kansas City Royals!!!! doing the damn thang!!!!

    The Official 2013 NFL Thread

    Im still hurting from this shit..... 4 fucking losses to the Colts in playoff games the last 20 years. I fucking hate the Colts.......HATE HATe HAte! LOL We need a secondary reallllllllllly bad.....You CAN NOT give up a 4 touchdown lead!!! Props to Alex Smith for putting work with out...

    Time to Pay up! KC Chiefs!

    He tore his ACL 2 years ago. Sorry bro too late! Hahaaaa

    Time to Pay up! KC Chiefs!

    I can't find the thread where one of you silly ass Raider fans bet me $50 on the game today.......which one of you was it? Someone help me out here.... One of them was talkin real BIG and wanted to they owe me $50.00 Dont hide now!! Payup and speak up!
  10. JLMACN

    2013 MLS Cup Champs! Sporting KC!!

    I forgot to make a thread about this. I don't follow MLS hardly at all, but I watched the MLS Cup Match between Sporting KC vs Real Salt Lake! What a fucking match! what a fucking ending! 2014 MLS Cup Champions! Way to go Sporting KC!
  11. JLMACN

    Kansas City Chiefs vs Denver Broncos (week 11)

    Thoughts? Predictions? Total score??
  12. JLMACN

    Kansas City Chiefs (5-0) Vs Oakland Raiders (2-3)

    What's your score? I'm going CHIEFS 28-13 Gonna be a wild scene out there!!!
  13. JLMACN

    2013 Kansas City Chiefs

    Fuck it......... I forgot to start a 2013 Thread and my squad is showing out so far this year. 3-0 to start the season. Offense needs to tighten up a little but they come through when it counts. Alex Smith DOES NOT turn the ball over and that is fucking huge!! Our Defense though.......... I...
  14. JLMACN

    What is the Midwest......

    Holy shit bro!!!! EDJ is back................ Where the fuck you been folks?
  15. JLMACN

    Mexican Music Banda, Ranchera, Kumbias, Tex-Mex

    Los Rieleros was in Kansas City this past weekend..... I got to see them in concert. Bitches was going crazy! They are good.....
  16. JLMACN

    Getting into baseball, few questions.

    I haven't made it to any away games but my goal is too soon start doing that! Hopefully one day ill make it to Detroit!
  17. JLMACN

    Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios Nov. 23rd Live From China

    @bigface what about Margarito.....?? why Floyd never fought him?
  18. JLMACN

    The Croods

    Best animated movie I have seen in a long time. Better than Wreck It Ralph and other recent animations.... This is a must see if you have kids. It was all around a great movie...
  19. JLMACN

    42 - The True Story of an America Legend

    Anyone gonna check this flick out? Ima baseball geek so of course I am. But this looks like a really good movie overall.
  20. JLMACN

    2013 Kansas City Royals

    Forgot to make a thread about my squad this year..... New Starting pitching Shields, Santana, Davis, Guthrie, Mendoza Solid Defense to back We should be sitting at 5-2 right now, but Holland blew a save.... so we are currently 4-3. LETS GO ROYALS...