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    A-Wax & King Iso - Written In Blood (Music Video)

    Dam anybody got a rip of it?
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    Key Loom arrested

    Dam I didn't think the 7440 was still around. Sucks that most likely not gonna have any key loom tracks anytime soon but he way too old to still be out doing this kinda stupid shit.
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    A-Wax- Dinner Plate Video

    Not a fan of the auto tune but this shit is pretty dope.
  4. K


    Even shitty Key Loom songs are better than most other rappers good songs.
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    History of Sacramento Rap

    D.E. is a fuccin weirdo. He don't represent SAC. He is just a weirdo who happens to live here.
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    Never Saw a rapper fall off as much as mr doctor

    He did and they are terrible.
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    Free A-Wax!!

  8. K

    Free A-Wax!!

    Wax's instagram just got wiped.
  9. K

    Free A-Wax!!

    I wouldn't doubt that. I was just passing on what has actually been reported so far.
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    Free A-Wax!!

    From the mercury news 2 hours ago MARTINEZ — Two days after his arrest in Pittsburg, Bay Area rapper A-Wax was charged with three felonies, and is now in county jail on no-bail status, according to public records. A-Wax, whose real name is Aaron Scott Doppie, was charged Thursday afternoon...
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    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    By the end she looked like the elephant man
  12. K

    Has anyone ever heard of Sovereign Citizens?

    I see idiots on live PD get arrested trying this shit all the time. Never seen it work for any of them.
  13. K

    Mozzy - Big Homie From The Hood

    You can move out the hood without moving almost 400 miles away.
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    I agree 100% I wish all music had hard copies. Sadly the world don't work that way anymore and I would have missed out on some really great music if I didn't start getting music that was only digital. I love physical media. I have since records and cassettes in the 80s but the times have...
  15. K

    Hollow Tip

    I will agree to disagree. That bubble will pop and when no one knows who these rapper's are there will be no demand for the cd's let alone anyone wanting first pressings of them. As I said they might be at peak prices now because those of us who grew up on this music now have more disposable...
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    Hollow Tip

    I bet they are at peak price now being over 20 years old. In another 10 to 15 years they will be worth less as the people who have heard of them die off. A small market will get too small were no wants them eventually.
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    Unforgiven 2.6

    Yeah I somehow missed these back then I would love to hear them now.
  18. K


    Gun with a body on it is a mixtape with smigg ditree that I thought any x-raided fan would know about. A quick google shows you can download it off amazon right now for 7 bucks. A hard copy might be kinda rare but the songs aren't.
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    Hard Work or Hardly Working? How White People Got So Rich

    Still crazy to me that with all the knowledge we have at our fingertips most people don't know that the vast majority of white people in the United States came over from Europe after the civil war.