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  1. Syk0tic

    Club Pulse in Orlando....

    Trump won
  2. Syk0tic

    Post your favorite LIVE videos

    I have flash disabled and none of the videos show up unless I click on them individually. Maybe the [ youtube ] tag I used is outdated since youtube is HTML5 now and should show up. edit**Oh you don't need the tag anymore lmao.
  3. Syk0tic

    Post your favorite LIVE videos

    AtJx_ce_8hM Old black metal shows are my favorite.
  4. Syk0tic

    Post your favorite LIVE videos

  5. Syk0tic

    ICP,Twisted etc.

    They have good stuff but most of their singles are too gimmicky. But I grew up on shit like Triple 6 and Three 6 Mafia so that's probably why I like a lot of the older Twiztid and ICP shit.
  6. Syk0tic

    Any1 In2 Xtreme Metal?

    L9GqKxu1Hq4 _WTiRc_thF8 3GCtIezVX9M
  7. Syk0tic

    mr. capone e, migos, mally mall - loco

    Lol Migos making money off glamorizing narco cultura and mexicans are eating that shit up? Or is he that pakistani dude?
  8. Syk0tic

    The Game Vs Young Thug? The game says he will fuck Young Thug up! what the hell?

    I thought Game was a bodyguard for the Kardashians now. Anyways there's only like 2-3 songs on Young Thugs album that are actually pretty decent. Fq6NIz1Paac
  9. Syk0tic

    Plies Slammed On Stage While Performing At Coliseum Tallahassee Club

    Dropped plies back to 2008 or whenever he was last relevant besides his clown ass videos.
  10. Syk0tic

    Lana Del Ray

    She one of those over dramatic, average looking, family got money but I still want to die type of white girls. Yall dead ass want to smash jimmy neutron's mom.
  11. Syk0tic

    Wu-Tang Clan has a secret album that could be released – in 88 years

    I prefer red and meth over wu albums
  12. Syk0tic

    Nicki Minaj sons Iggy Azalea

    I would like Snow to make it big but she lacks the sex appeal needed to be a star nowadays.
  13. Syk0tic

    Favorite chicano/puerto rican/dominican/mexican/etc. rappers?

    Am I really the only one who thinks Immortal Tech would be better at spoken word just because he doesn't really have a voice for flow. But imma have to 2nd or 3rd big pun's son. 3ec8vA3C5GM
  14. Syk0tic

    Fucking Metal!!!

    GfbLWHT7vUU Kt1gYAMICpc Best albums I heard in a while. Black metal and power violence.
  15. Syk0tic

    The Shows/Tours Thread

  16. Syk0tic

    Images darker after saving

    Lightroom and Photoshop keep saving all my files much darker than what it appears in program. This image (not mine) is really the only way I can describe what's going on. Everything seems to be in order when it comes to color profiles, I even calibrated my monitor. That somewhat fixed the...
  17. Syk0tic

    Fucking Metal!!!

  18. Syk0tic

    Eazy E Resurrected Via A Hologram At Rock The Bells 2013!

    Now the 2Pac holo doesn't even feel all the impressive anymore. Not that it wasn't amazing, because it was.. it's just how easy and rushed these other holograms feel it takes away how dope Pac's was. Let's be real though, that Hologram performance can not be touched. Especially when other...
  19. Syk0tic

    George Zimmerman--Not Guilty

    It was his white side that shot that young man!
  20. Syk0tic

    Coachella 2013

    This is honestly my favorite line up so far lol. A litle much on the EDM side but still great. Can't wait to see New Order do a lame tribute to Ian.