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  1. montroller510

    This is a fresh sound for hus on the new blanco album

    8tDYkTpuYMc I'm surprised there isn't already a thread on this. The whole album is clean as fuck I hope they have a good plan to push it.
  2. montroller510

    Tha Jacka died last night. RIP

    Bay Area Rapper ‘The Jacka’ Killed In Oakland Shooting « CBS San Francisco
  3. montroller510

    E-40 high as fuck at the world series

  4. montroller510

    20 minute FAB freestyle onthe Tim Westwood show

    8xDa0gkmVzQ Damn BART is dead this is on hella other rap sites but not the bay area board?
  5. montroller510

    Too Short caught with a gun at the airport

    Police: Rapper was carrying loaded gun at airport I wonder if he just forgot it was in there or actually thought they wouldn't notice. Either way that is a smart move to come back with the lawyer... turn a felony to a misdemeanor.
  6. montroller510

    What do you think of the new e-40 single?

  7. montroller510

    Bobby Brackins new mixtape is lightweight slappin

    sh9vqs9coYc 8rQiRIAyCLM Go grab it here Bobby Brackins - Maxwell Park // Free Mixtape @ Honestly Bobby brackins does make a lot of songs for girls but there are some hidden slaps in there... Just ignore that kreayshawn verse
  8. montroller510

    /b/tard kills a cop; does an AMA before SWAT comes archived thread here is the OP's user ID U9fXDEYm actual news story
  9. montroller510

    These guys are straight comedy
  10. montroller510

    Gabe what the fuck happened?

    Why does my facebook feed tell me to add dana dane? how can they even connect us? my guess is only through siccness is this because of the new changes? I really don't need my facebook linked with my siccness hijinks does anyone know how to unlink them or is this just how things are now?
  11. montroller510

    today was a good day deciphered

    CLUE 1: “went to short dogs house, they was watching Yo MTV RAPS” Yo MTV RAPS first aired: Aug 6th 1988 CLUE 2: Ice Cubes single “today was a good day” released on: Feb 23 1993 CLUE 3: ”The Lakers beat the Super Sonics” Dates between...
  12. montroller510


    First post backi thought it was siccpocalypse
  13. montroller510

    Where do you find new music?

    Just wondering where people are checking for new music at.
  14. montroller510

    Christmas nostalgia game

    Go back and find your first post then post it here. If your first post sucked find a good one from the first month you where on here. lol indian rap...
  15. montroller510

    The Miseducation of IamSu Shit is slappin hard,I'll probably get hella hate for liking something that is actually relevant but I'm just happy that they play songs I actually like on the radio now.
  16. montroller510

    who knows this messy song

    it says I know you're a bitch I can see your panties it features some dude "money on the floor chop by the door gangstas hustlas gotta get more wiggle in the street stick to the g code"
  17. montroller510

    So you were looking for some dope samples?
  18. montroller510

    what is this jacka hook from

    the tune of the hook in this song is from something else but i can't think of it -b4xRIdKo_I
  19. montroller510

    don't question it.

    step:1 click on My Computer step 2: click on C drive step 3: click on WINDOWS step 4: Click on MEDIA step 5: click on onestop
  20. montroller510