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    HD TV OTA Signal question

    Ok I have had HD TV for about a year now. Well I have always had an HD box from my local cable provider. Well my girl bought and HD TV recently and we hooked it up directly to the co-ax from the wall and did channel scan, well she picked up all these extra channels including ESPN HD and a...
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    just got a new cell phone (blackberry)

    was wondering if any of yall fuck with blackberry's....imma tell you what, I aint buying shit else but smart phones (blackberrys) or PDA's from now on, fuck a regular cell phone. for the same price or just a little more your phone can do all kinda shit...I done fell in love with this bitch....i...
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    Computer Question

    I got a labtop from my boy, the problem with it is that it has administrative passwords on about everything, I cant do jack shit with it as far as installing new stuff, deleting stuff, etc... was wondering if I was to reinstall windows on it if that would get rid of whatever admin blocks that...
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    X-Box for sale

    Not sure if anyone is interested in the first X-Box but I am trying to sell mine, it comes with: X-Box 2 Controllers 1 DVD Remote Control and adaptor X-Box Live Headset and adaptor 7 Games -Bloody Roar Extreme -NBA Live 06 -World Championship Poker -Conflict Vietnan -Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005...
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    HDMI Cables?

    I am purchasing a LCD HD tv in the next few weeks and was wondering what all I am going to need to purchase along with it. I have a regular DVD player, nothing special and plan on subscribing to a local HD channel package that will more then likely have some kinda cable box that I have...
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    do any of yall got burnlounge yet?

    This suppose to be the next big thing, kinda like the combination of myspace and youtube, I read about it in forbes magazine and fortune or however the fuck you spell it....well its in its developmental stages but will have movies, tv shows and other shit on it as well to download, say if you...
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    Bob Knight blasts NBA underage rule

    he makes some good points about why it hurts college basketball, I never looked it at is a negative for college until I saw some of his points, it is unfair to some teams KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The new rule that says players must be at least one year removed from high school before entering the...
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    Hard to Find KC Albums (OOP?)

    I forgot about that Dragi D, that shit is dope, the white rapper outta wyandotte
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    Hard to Find KC Albums (OOP?)

    naw i aint never seen either of them or heard them in my life
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    Hard to Find KC Albums (OOP?)

    OG Riff - Shit Happens thats hard as fuck to find
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    clacc of da bombsquad found dead

    I just got fucked up with Clacc a few weeks back, sucks to see this shit happen, he was a cool ass chill cat, always laid back and easy going. My prays are with his wife and family
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    cds for sale or trade

    King George "Life Of A Kingpin" $23 Black Dynasty "Deep East Oakland" $45 West Coast Bad Boyz "Anotha Level Of the Game" SMG $25 Humiside Soldiers "4 Death" $13 The Veteran Click "Veterans Day" $30 Who Wride Featuring Tech N9ne $23 CKC "The Family" $5 MC Ade "In The Arms Of Bass" $7 Guillotine...
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    some cds i need

    sup yall...i need a few cds for my collection just so i can bump them....if anyone can hook them up in any form that would be butter if you get my drift...... [email protected] Young Dre D “Troubled Mind” Graveyard Soldjas “Day Of Execution” Al-D “Home Of The...
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    West Coast Bad Boyz Anotha Level Of Tha Game

    I have 2 of the West Coast Bad Boyz anotha Level of the game cds, one is in mint and the other is in really good condition....i am looking to trade or sell them, i will take $35 for one of them or looking to trade. some of my wants are Black Dynasty "Deep East oakland" Al Kapone "Da...
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    Hot 103.3 Kansas City???

    shit i would prefer to hear that older 70's music shit then hear half the other bullshit they play on 103.3......honestly I mostly only listen to 107.3....they got some bumps....92.9 was playing good shit for a while then they switched up. I got 103.3, 95.7, 107.3, 93.3, 92.9 saved on my...
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    Verizon Wireless cell phones

    Im thinking about getting a new phone cuz i got that new every 2 shit, they gonna give me a 100 towards a new phone, was wondering what a tight new phone is....i see the LG the V that looked pretty tight, anyone else know any newer good verizon phones
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    Veteran Click, Who Wride, West Coast Bad Boyz, more

    heres a few cds for sale, i can take paypal, cash, money orders. [email protected] West Coast Bad Boyz "Another Level Of The Game" OG $35 Guillotine "Medeval Madness" $11 Daze "Game So Tight" $3 CKC "The Family" $4 MC Ade "In The Arms Of Bass" $10 Humiside Soldiers "4 Death" Oak Cliff...
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    a few cds for sale (nothing special)

    heres a few cds for sale, i can take paypal, cash, money orders. [email protected] West Coast Bad Boyz "Another Level Of The Game" OG $35 Guillotine "Medeval Madness" $13 Daze "Game So Tight" $4 CKC "The Family" $5 MC Ade "In The Arms Of Bass" $10 Humiside Soldiers "4 Death" Oak Cliff...
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    Englewood question

    I got a question about Inglewood, my partna is going out there on vacation and is staying at a hotel on West Century and S La Brea, he was wondering what kind of neighborhood that is? I figured I would ask yall cuz most of yall from cali and probably know the area decent....any knowledge would...
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    Doe is from topeka, you got that right