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  1. GHP

    Wrestling Random Thought 2

    how mick foley isnt a total cte much head is a miracle of modern science
  2. GHP

    Shia LaBeouf freestyle on Sway in the Morning

    way better than what Fetty Wap or Lil Yaughty would do
  3. GHP

    Cookie Money??

    I lightweight fuck with cook, all his collabos with Philthy Rich were pretty tight and I like that song he has with Boosie. Some of his affiliates are kinda tight too like Clearitout
  4. GHP

    "Lash Money" Lil AJ

    Very insightful comments by the incomparable Lil AJ. I'm not gonna lie though, I bump his music
  5. GHP

    Kaepernick National Anthem Protest

    What do you guys think of this developing story? I was not aware of Kap's strong political views until he sat during the national anthem on Friday. Many people have turned on him due to his refusal to stand for a country that in his opinion promotes racial injustice. There are a few that are...
  6. GHP

    Rich the Factor - Smile (Scritch make it look easy)

    I didnt see a thread on this one, Just want to put it out there that this album is slappin. Some of the best stuff I've heard from Rich in a long time.
  7. GHP

    Freddie Gibbs Official Thread

    Nice, Ive been asking for this one
  8. GHP

    Freddie Gibbs Official Thread

    Gibbs is arguably my favorite rapper, I have yet to be disappointed by anything I've heard from him so far. I didn't learn about him until BFK but after that I tried to go back and find all of his stuff. I never heard any of this madlibs stuff, Thanks for the links cant wait to check it all...
  9. GHP

    Wrestling Random Thought 2

    maybe if there is a good enough turnout of fans viewing their old stuff maybe wwe with revamp its current watered down crappy programming into a show that I might like to watch again.
  10. GHP

    Wrestling Random Thought 2

    WWE is probably realizing they can capitalize off of an internet network with so many people bootlegging their PPV events from live streams. I can see alot of people paying for this service for high quality PPV streams and access to tons of old matches.
  11. GHP

    Jacka Never Blink Sample

    Does anyone know the name and artist of the original song that Rob Lo Sampled? Please let me know if you do, I want that song. Thanks
  12. GHP

    Rich The Factor Best Albums

    Thanks, I found the tape on the net awhile back. The sound quality is beyond shitty though. I was thinking of running the track through some of my recording software to try to remaster that shit lol
  13. GHP

    Rich The Factor Best Albums

    Someones gotta tell me what album this is on. This is probably my favorite RTF track ever. XtFpFL1uu5U
  14. GHP

    Rich The Factor Best Albums

    I was slapping the shit out of Bucks Over Fame for like a year straight. I hella like the collabo album he did with J Diggs too.
  15. GHP

    Rich The Factor Working on a deal with UNIVERSAL/ROC NATION!!!!

    i bet this is a big wolf ticket.
  16. GHP

    Freddie Gibbs Official Thread

    best album ive heard so far this year
  17. GHP

    George Zimmerman--Not Guilty

    If that is the situation than Zimmerman is getting away scott free. The only way for this case to turn into a federal criminal suit is if it can be ruled as a hate crime which I believe would be too hard for the prosecution to prove. I don't think it could even go to trial federally. They would...
  18. GHP

    George Zimmerman--Not Guilty

    Zimmerman doesn't have money like OJ, If hes found guilty in a civil suit he will be liable for monetary punitive damages that he doesn't have and he still won't do time. The worst thing that can happen to Zimmerman is his paychecks are tapped for the rest of his life. He will never go to jail.
  19. GHP

    New Lightshow

    This shit is fucking nasty so far Get Well Soon
  20. GHP

    Big Krit Official Thread

    I'd like to see KRIT and Freddie Gibbs come together and make a collabo mixtape. That shit would be crazy