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  1. pbarb666

    FX Maerican Crime Story - The People vs OJ Simpson

    Surprised there's not a thread about this. Best show on TV right now imo. Anybody watching this?
  2. pbarb666

    Donald Trump wants to ban the internet

    Trump the best candidate in decades, he gets my vote 100%. Build a wall around isis brehs
  3. pbarb666

    Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt

    Anyone playin this? Reviews make it sound like the best rpg ever made. I'm thinkin of buyin a new console just for it. Curious what the sicc has to say. Thx
  4. pbarb666

    Dragon Age Inquisition

    I know there's some rpg nerds like myself on here. Anyone here a dragon age fan? Origins was great, the sequel not so much, but this one looks impressive so far. I'm gonna wait to read reviews before deciding whether to but on xbox 360 or a new gen console. Anyone else excited for this game?
  5. pbarb666

    Robin Williams found dead

    When all else fails and I think about ending it all I go grab a carnitas burrito and it makes me forget about my troubles
  6. pbarb666

    Robin Williams found dead

    This. I'm hate every time someone famous murks themselves everyone gets all bummed out like they lost a family member. People die in this cold ass world every day and no one gives a shit. But some dude kills himself and he made some funny movies 30 years ago and everyone decides it's time to...
  7. pbarb666


    Butcher is coo. It's that havoc necro dude that needs the axe. Pretty sure that's mystic oracle usin a new troll name after everyone lol'd at his gfs milksock titties
  8. pbarb666


  9. pbarb666


  10. pbarb666

    Fucking Metal!!!

    Thanks eats, ima check all those out
  11. pbarb666

    Hostages and ak47s, just another day in Stockton California

    3 dead in Stockton gunbattle after bank robbery, police chase 3 dead in Stockton gunbattle after bank robbery, police chase STOCKTON (AP) - Stockton police said a second suspect has died after a bank robbery and gunbattle that led to the death of a hostage. Stockton police said in all, three...
  12. pbarb666

    Fucking Metal!!!

    I know there's some doom fans here, what's the heaviest darkest most depressing slab of funeral doom you can recommend? The best I've found is "Nortt" that shit just sucks the life out of my soul, but Im looking for more. Thanks
  13. pbarb666

    Blue pill or the Red pill..

    This thread is not the biz
  14. pbarb666

    Captain Phillips (Tom Hanks movie about Somalian pirates)

    Damn anyone see this? My wife made me watch it cause it's nominated for best movie this year and I was like meh but after watching it I would agree. Intense from start to finish. Captain Phillips Trailer Tom Hanks 2013 Movie - Official [HD] - YouTube D36VztJ8oaQ
  15. pbarb666

    Fucking Metal!!!

    ^^^ yea I heard this was really good. I'm a bit behind on the doom. Still gotta check out the new ahab.
  16. pbarb666

    Games for iphone/android

    Anyone have any good games they play on their phone or tablet? Seems like the games comin out now are as good as the console games we had 5-6 years ago. I'm thinkin that with the new consoles bein more about cross media and social bullshit that the new focus in the industry is about bringing...
  17. pbarb666

    The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

    Saw this last night in 3D high frame rate. it was aiht. Visually stunning but Jackson added a TON of shit that was not in the book, including a dumbass love story. Kinda disappointed actually, had super high expectations for this
  18. pbarb666

    Phonk Beta / Symplex II

    beta only got 1 or 2 songs on bad to the bone. that album was so disappointing imo
  19. pbarb666

    PS4 v xbox one?

    Is anyone buyin a next gen console this month, and which one are you goin with and why? I ain't buyin for a couple months but am on the fence about which to go with. I only got the time and $$ to own one or the other, but it's a pretty big decision as it may determine my gaming experience for...
  20. pbarb666

    Fucking Metal!!!

    Who the fuck names a band we butter the bread with butter lol. Pass on the band name alone