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  1. Bart fka KhameNei

    Hollow Tip

    I'm feeling the track. Regarding the comment about raps being basic: truth is verse 1 and 2 didn't have any astounding rhyme patterns, but verse 3 was really on point. Plus production was nowhere near this modern futuristic bullshit, which is definitely a good move!
  2. Bart fka KhameNei

    Last Of The Floheakinz || Official T-Nutty Thread

    Yes, his first name is Liquor and last name's Store.
  3. Bart fka KhameNei

    Federation new album

    Info from Great news for all Bay Area rap fans. Federation is back with the new full-length album! Goldie Gold, Doon Koon aka Doonie Baby and Stressmatic will soon release their new project entitled "Grown Man Musik" which is scheduled for April 12th. We still don't have too...
  4. Bart fka KhameNei

    Interview with Agerman proudly presents a brand new interview we did with Agerman, formerly of 3xKrazy. Big thanks to Smokey from Yay Area Ent. for arranging the whole thing. Read the whole version here: Teaser: [...
  5. Bart fka KhameNei

    Brand new I-5 Connect - The First 48

    It's strange nobody's talking about I-5 Connect right here. Their LP "The First 48" should already be available throughout West Coast stores. Share your thoughts. If you don't know this is a collaboration by California and Washington artists. The group includes Outrageous, Dough, Killa Klump...
  6. Bart fka KhameNei

    my wantlist

    I'm looking for following albums / mixtapes. Mint condition only. No promo marks of any kind. Acktup - any release apart from "King Mentality" and "Talk Of Tha Town" Dee-Jay aka D-Dub from Fresno - any release apart from "Str8 Off The Grill" HD - Extortion Muzic series and other albums Head...
  7. Bart fka KhameNei

    Mr. Kee - The Great Paper Chase on Sep 21st !!

    If you forgot that new Mr. Kee's cd "The Great Paper Chase" is coming out really soon, then let me remind you that it's due out Sep 21st. 01. Back To 94' (Intro) 02. Wanna Be Like Me 03. One By One f. Melvi The Hustla & Kr Mack 04. Everywhere We Go f. Balance 05. We Are The Bay f. Black C &...
  8. Bart fka KhameNei

    2010 releases you might not know of

    Let me list a couple of lesser known 2010 albums that may have been slept on by Siccness members. It's an alphabetical list. All of them were already reviewed at C-Dat - First Class Ride nice, melodious with a mainstream feel to it DaVinci - The Day The Turf Stood Still...
  9. Bart fka KhameNei

    Mister D.O.G. - Wet re-release is slowly but steadily supporting the Northwest rap scene as well (despite the name), so once in a while we will lace you with info from these regions too. However the truth is we don't have enough time to do research on our own, yet we're always grateful when the artists /...
  10. Bart fka KhameNei

    Lemoore 559 - Young Rich and Cisko of PBC

    Here are the news taken from for y'all: Young Rich - Tha Streetz We are back with some more detailed information on the upcoming, sophomore solo album by the Lemoore, 559 area code representative named Young Rich. Made Of Brown Productions record label is planning to release...
  11. Bart fka KhameNei reviews thread

    We decided that it would be better to put all our reviews into one topic instead of having them scattered all over the place. We'll constantly expand this topic once the new ones come up. And oh, obviously you can read them also on - in the Reviews section. The first one is...
  12. Bart fka KhameNei

    Interview with David Rocha fka Sir Dyno

    Like I once announced in another thread, managed to conduct an interview with David Rocha fka Sir Dyno. It is available for you to read here. Or in our Interviews section. Have a good read!
  13. Bart fka KhameNei

    E-Moe's projects reviewed by

    These reviews were taken from E-Moe - The French Connection E-Moe is a Sacramento representative with numerous projects under his belt, yet one should still consider him underground, as he still hasn't gained the deserved recognition and acclaim. It's a pity, since he...
  14. Bart fka KhameNei

    Big Tone and B-Dawg reviewed @

    Yessir, we focus on English reviews right now. Here's the "The Code Of Silence" by Big Tone reviewed for you by yours truly: One of the most significant players in the northern California Latin rap market is undoubtedly Big Tone - young, talented Antioch and 925 area code representative. The...
  15. Bart fka KhameNei

    Review of Chille Powdah & Moss Da Boss by

    Here you go folks, taken from It should say "Chilee", spelling mistake. Chille Powdah and Moss Da Boss are both Richmond representatives. Despite pretty developed discography they still haven't earned greater acclaim among northern California rap fans. The first artist has...
  16. Bart fka KhameNei

    Review of "Music 4 Tha Mobb 3" by

    Here you go folks, taken from Tre Mak and Point Blank Muzic record label out of Sacramento have so far released 3 projects, including 2 solos by the rapper ("The One" and "So Filthy"), both already reviewed and available for you on the website under this link. In 2009 Point...
  17. Bart fka KhameNei

    Interview with E-Moe, READ IT

    We've had an opportunity to conduct a very long interview with E-Moe. Big props for it, mayn. Anyway it is very long and I encourage all of you to read it on I'll post a few questions out here, but it won't be even a half haha. [ ] : What's good E-Moe, I'm...
  18. Bart fka KhameNei

    E. Fields - "Handlebars" - smooth, laidback Oakland rap

    I don't know whether you heard of E. Fields out of Oakland and his debut cd that dropped in Summer of 2009. Since it is at least decent album I'd like to recommend it to you and present yet another review that published some time back. E. Fields - Handlebars Rarely do I...
  19. Bart fka KhameNei

    Enemigos reviewed by

    If you didn't know that is deep into reviews, well now you know. We uploaded 5 reviews, both of recent and older releases, see for yourself. Let me publish on Siccness the review of "Agony & Ecstasy" by Enemigos and "All Ears On Me" by Hooli Automatic: Enemigos - "Agony &...
  20. Bart fka KhameNei

    Hella Bay Area and northern Cali videos!

    There's a whole new section available on where we archive northern Cali music videos. We've got precisely 466 videos as I write this post! We want to collect all possible music videos from northern Cali - both brand new and the old school ones too. There is a possibility to...