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    The Leviathan ( concept )

    The concept looks interesting, not sure how the movie would turn out, if it gets picked up I guess we will find out. s-45NTlgp-o
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    What happens when reporters don't know there on live TV

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    300: Rise of an Empire - Official Trailer

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    Rittz - For Real ( new 2103 )

    ZPyHzb_8_vA He could have done without the autotune, but this shit slaps regardless!!!
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    King T “Still Triflin’” Mixtape (24 HOURS ONLY)

    24 HOURS ONLY: King T “Still Triflin’” Mixtape (Free Download) » Blog Archive » // The HUB of West Coast Hip-Hop For 10 Years & Runnin' // West Coast News Network //
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    Star Trek - Into Darkness Trailer

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    Disney buys Star Wars from Lucas episode 7 coming in 2015!!

    Disney to make new 'Star Wars' films, buy Lucas co - Yahoo! Finance Fans shocked by Disney- I dont even know where to begin with this one....
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    Die Hard : A good Day To Die

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    Branded Could be decent if done correctly, if not the visuals look good anyway. Story seems to use the Matrix as its foundation, just done with a different twist ( assumptions based on the trailer ).
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    Punisher - Dirty Laundry ( internet short movie )

    This is from the guy who played the punisher in the 2004 movie, starts off slow but then gets brutal to say the least.
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    Dredd Holy shit this looks terrible, so much cheese in this trailer then when this movies fails to meet sales expectations they well wonder why...
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    ** Official Prometheus Thread ** Spoilers inside.

    @ColdBlooded Agree with what u wrote too, but I'm not convinced the black goo is a germ or weapon, simply because the engineer at the beginning of the film drinks it to sacrafice himself to create life. The black goo reacts to each individual differently so its true purpose is unknown. Also we...
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    Ted - Red band trailer ( from creator of Family guy )
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    The Bourne Legacy

    Jeremy Renner is not playing Jason Bourne but he was part of tread stone so there is some cross over in the story line. Hard to imagine this series with Matt Damon but Renner is a good actor, I guess we shall see when it comes out how it compares to the other 3 movies in the series...
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    Female rappers

    This girl would get it something serious... eVQyMIpGqaI This girl actually has lyrics. 95wqxyPffyU YcOoeJG6LAU
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    Cain velasquez vs Junior dos santos

    Didn't see a poll up yet so let it be known who do got?
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    **Official** "The Avengers" thread

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    Rant worth listening too

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    John Dies at the End

    arSjPypFWcw Who ever wrote this movie did a shit load of LSD.
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    Alexis Vila vs Joe Warren ( brutal KO )

    194xurSJ7bA Fight starts at 5 minutes in.