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    What are your biggest challenges of being a NW rapper/producer?

    What are your biggest challenges of being a NW rapper/producer? This includes money, networking, contacts, time or whatever. Discuss.
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    Bizzy Bone Feat. Akon

    its dope
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    If it wasnt 4 Krayzie Bone.....

    If I recall, him and layzie are still close, are signed to the same label and do tracks together. Krayzie never been real close to Bizzy, but he did have him guest appear on Gemini to show fans there's no beef. Flesh is on lockdown and Wish don't hate Bizzy, he just thinks he's a hypocrite sayin...
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    Bizzy Bone "Mid West Cowboy"

    This makes album no.5 for the year. Thugs Revenge, The Story, 2 fan cds, and now this. Looks like he's growin his hair back too. Hope this is tight.
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    So what areas make the Northwest?

    We have Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Some other states around are not technically anywhere SW, midwest, NW. Maybe NW can expand to include those states and become a larger force. Montana would be the easiest to include, but what about Wyoming and the Dakotas?
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    Northwest Gansterism?!?

    Northwest Gangsterism?!? Nobody seems to be talking about this so I will. My brother recently gave me burnt copies of NW artists (I'm an artist myself and I wouldn't accepted burnt copies from anyone else) . Nothing was wrong about it, production was good. BUT, it seemed like everyone talked...
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    Yeah, he Flesh did have a crazy style, those double voices in all his rhymes was pretty tight.
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    Northwest Open Mics?

    Anybody know any spots where they do open mics in the NW, I've seen a lot of acoustic open mics, not many hip hop ones. Thanks.
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    Bizzy Bone - Shake Ya Stick

    He went from maybe his best album (Alpha and the Omega) to possibly his worse album (Speaking in Tongues) back 2 back. Shake Ya Stick is way up there for one of the most disturbing songs of rap, he goes from talkin bout god to the strip club and then just trips at the end, not to mention the...
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    50 Cent's cousin 25 cent (two five) ^check it out
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    Aiight, you say vocalist, which one can blow....I didn't mean it like that.
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    Myspace for Promotion?

    Seems like alot of people are using it. I never really got into it so I don't know. Is it a good place for promoting music? Can it generate sales? Any useful tips?
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    I saw the first "webisode". His raps have actually upgraded and the beat he was rappin on was nice, its just these cds he's comin out with suffer from amateur production, his last cd sounded like they just put a big reverb on the whole album. But its koo though, I think he's tryin to establish...
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    Are these real ones, or just sum craiglist hoes.
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    Tool's new one

    I don't think I ever heard a bad Tool album...
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    Whats the deal with MTV??

    That boob was an omen.
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    Whats the deal with MTV??

    Yeah, MTV is was too commercialized. Do they show music videos on there any more?
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    Whats the deal with MTV??

    Well, Pimp C's basically free now, so they should stop that nonsense.
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    Is it Possible to Sell 100K+ in the NW?

    I was just wondering the other day about this, but I'd like to hear your opinions. It's been done b4 and is possible yeah, but I'm not really sure its gonna happen in the near future. I would guess you would have to take in to account the total NW region population, the percentage of rap fans...
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    New Bizzy BOne Song! RAW!

    ^Props. Finally, Bizzy on sum good production in like 6 years and yeah his flow is back to the fast spittin. Everybody check this out.