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  1. TechsRipgut

    happy doomsday

    15th of the month. whats good doomstas?
  2. TechsRipgut

    Nina's blowing up

    Seen dude on the front page of myspace. should be some good exposure :)
  3. TechsRipgut

    New topic? Loki addressing Lynch..Why he left Siccmade

    Sunday, February 15, 2009 ATTN: Lynch You live in an altered reality, brother. I find it laughable that you think it is ME who betrayed YOU. Your greatest talent, besides your abilities as a lyricist, is picking people who will be loyal to you to the detriment of their own livelihood, health...
  4. TechsRipgut

    My Kabosh Dream

    now I know something similar has been posted before but I have an urge to post my next dream. With that said, I wish tech would put Mike Patton in Kabosh. Why? Because the dude has made strange music for decades. Why else? Because the dude may be the originator of Rock/Rap and is known to...
  5. TechsRipgut

    Heres a lynch update from his myspace

    Date: Feb 5, 2009 8:56 AM Subject: cod5 clan team!!!!!! on ps3 Body: I'm startin a clan for cod5, come try out, I want the best players on " hardcore search and destroy" if you interested email me at: br[email protected] Oo guess he is playin games everyday?
  6. TechsRipgut

    OT: If you like (hed) p.e.

    Go buy that new album N.W.O. if you like hed pe. That new cd is 100% no joke.
  7. TechsRipgut

    OT: Mr. Stinky

    mrstinky Body: listen to my new songs show love cause we forever do it movin what you think call me and tell me 714 580 1484
  8. TechsRipgut

    xbox stealing tech quotes? Check this link, they say this game is all killer no filler Oo
  9. TechsRipgut

    Dubcnn tech n9ne interview

    I may have missed it, i didn't see this posted yet so fuckit if its a repost.
  10. TechsRipgut

    Favorite featuring tech song.

    Whats your 5 favorites track featuring tech n9ne? This is A LOT harder to do than it sounds. Espicially coming from a dude that collects these sort of tracks. :) It can be a song from a strange music artists cd.:siccness: I'll start mine david letterman style. 5. WAKE UP SHOW ^^ 4. Don Juan -...
  11. TechsRipgut

    Tech fan pick i made Let the flaming begin :P im bored
  12. TechsRipgut

    Kaliko on Killer

    My opinion is his best work by far is on Killer. (not counting midwest choppers i guess :P) Whats your thoughts?
  13. TechsRipgut

    Fuck you niggas

    Anyone catch that yet (track one)? Or am i way out of the looop.
  14. TechsRipgut

    You should be happy it leaked...

    Because I heard its bad for your bladder if you hold it in. Sutma
  15. TechsRipgut

    Tecca And King Nicky

    My wish came true with the T-nutty and TheReal collabo. Ive made a new wish, and thats a track with Tech N9ne and Andre Nickatina. Whats your thoughts? What is your dream collabo? Korn? Soad? :siccness::siccness::siccness:
  16. TechsRipgut

    The Demons Game! (Tech Related)

    Ok so I can think of about 5 tech n9ne songs off the top of my head where he says DEMONS... So the game is to name a tech n9ne track where he says the word demons at least once. To start it off I will name mizzizy gets bizzy. Your next!
  17. TechsRipgut

    Killer picture you might want

    In case some of u collectors need it :) :siccness:
  18. TechsRipgut

    Killer Album Cover

    Hey Heres a better look at the Killer album cover What's everyones opinion on it? I read a couple opinions already on the other thread but have a feelin a lot of u only saw the small thumbnail
  19. TechsRipgut

    Chrome dome OR...

    I want your opinion. What lyric of techs do you think is more genius? For what reason do you believe? Chrome dome blown gone is one of the million amazing things tech has said. If u don't know about chrome dome google that shiat. OR do you think techs plug "Simon Bar Sinister" is more mind...
  20. TechsRipgut

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to tech and everyone else on the board! hope its a good one!