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    Chile 8.8 earthquake!!

    Damn tune into the news Chile just got hit by a magnitude 8.8 earthquake :eek:
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    Chillin in the park after dark

    So I'm chillin at home tonight posted in the garage getting lifted on a Friday when I hear all this commotion out front. A group of rollers come up on a handful of people posted in the park. I'm talking about like 20 some heads. I don't trip off dumb ass kids who can't find a spot to chill at...
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    No he didn't but everyone one twitter is going nuts saying he did
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    Wanda Sykes is not funny!!!!

    She TRIES TOO HARD to make her material funny... some stuff is funny but she cusses a lot before reaching the punchline
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    Lego Man Prank Call

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    For all you bloggers... I guess this can Apply to Siccness folk too
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    UFO: Real or Fake? BdYDrpTXoc0 Supposedly a 10 year old made this video with his 4 year old brother... I call bullshit to a coverup :confused: And why does the cloud in the background light up after the ufo disappears
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    City digitally adds black guy to Fun Guide cover to make it more ‘inclusive’

    Photo: Left, original, right, digitally 'enhanced'
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    Clyde Carson Thread

    I'm not holding my hopes too high... they've been saying an album is going to drop for a minute... but BASS ROCK is just an EP
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    DAMN!! Girl Dies while suicided (Dance Move)

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    What do you use to clean your kicks?!

    I rarely clean my kicks but every so often I'll bust out the shoe cleaning... getting all the grime and muck off my kicks Which are in relatively good shape. I use White Wall cleaner for cars but it works well with the rubber on the shoes Soap and water work good too but nothing competes...
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    STAR TREK!! **Spoilers Inside**

    Caught the 10pm showing So the movie alters the original Star Trek story line... For those who aren't fans the movie is great and it still is good but if you've watched the movies and have a little general understanding you're left scratching your head because this Star Trek incorporates time...
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    Don't Ram The Boobs!

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    Breathing hard

    You ever have that happen to you out the cuts just chilling and all of sudden you take heavy breaths like you just ran or something? It's weird my heart rate remains the same but I'm breathing heavy :ermm:
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    Bubble Guts

    Damn I killed this new 3 Cheese Steak Burger at Burger King and my guts have been turning all day long... Nonstop bubbling in my guts and massive fart attacks but they're not stinky which is good, but damn my gut is making hella noises :(
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    Light Weight Hang Over & I have DUI class in another hour

    LOL shits Ironic... but all the girls in the class are bomb as fuck. They all like to party, my friend who was in a DUI class last year partied it up with all the girls in his. I need to execute something :devious:
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    My boy's girl...

    I think she might be bipolar even he has said it himself... but anyways she went wolverine on his at the club and scratched the fuck out of his face. Anyone deal with bipolar chicks? I think they all have their mood swings but his girl straight tripped me the fuck out. Happy one minute...
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    What Type of Grill Do You Prefer?

    Took this Idea from I used to use charcoal but now I have a propane gas grill, charcoal is cool but it takes forever to wait for the coals to be ready
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    Mc Gang Bang & Mc Whitey's

    So my cousin told me that Mcdonald's has a secret menu. Mc Gang Bang = Double Cheeseburger w/a Crispy McChicken patty in the middle McWhitey = Big Mac with McChicken patty's instead of beef Mc Gang Bang is the shit :lick: Not all Mcdonald's do this I went to one last night and the person...