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  1. Mi$ta-Murda187

    My Uncle is dying.. and Joker. is NOT smiling.... :(

    Hey siccness... Joker here. This will be a more serious post..... I got a call today.... and my Uncle.. just had a brain aneurysm rupture in his brain... If he is taken of life support he will die... if they do surgery.... they say he will only be a vegetable .... This has affected my...
  2. Mi$ta-Murda187

    JOKER TV-Joker speaks about Economy... contraversy, and FREE MONEY

    HI.......................... Joker here... with a new episode ... speaking about the Economy... Joker speaks about the Economic Crisis Click here to watch There is an intro and theme song for the show now :) ha ha yes this whole Joker thing has been crazy... Tony.. I hope you don't stop...
  3. Mi$ta-Murda187

    Joker TV- New episode! How about a magic Trick!?

    Haha ha! Joker here back.. with another.. great episode of JOKER TV... Joker TV.. is now the number one Joker Related show online... only surpassed.. by that horrible.. Joker Trailer... spoof.. and that wack.. Joker interrogation scene spoof.... Joker TV.. reigns supreme... and has already...
  4. Mi$ta-Murda187

    JOKER TV- The Sicc Special Edition!!!

    Hey hey.... Joker here!! I was drunk last night... and did a special edition... of Joker TV for the sicc!! This video addresses.. some things here on siccness... and there will be more of these sicc special edition episodes... coming very soon... so here's the show! Joker TV- The Sicc...
  5. Mi$ta-Murda187

    This is the start of... a.. DRUNK WORLD ORDER!!!

    HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! I'm drunk.. and just recorded a special edition..of Joker TV... I just wanted to announce.. that a Drunk World Order.. is coming very soon.... I;m drunk now.... and it's time.. for the Drunk World Order to commence!! we will kick things off...
  6. Mi$ta-Murda187

    JOKER TV- Interview with a Batman. ... new Episode! lol

    Hey... Joker here... I'm proud to present you..with another great episode of JOKER TV- This one is called Interview with a Batman. and shows The Joker is action... more than ever before... :) JOKER TV- Interview with a Batman CLICK HERE to watch Enjoy..... and remember.. put on a HAPPY...
  7. Mi$ta-Murda187

    Would you give money to someone in need without asking for something in return??

    Damm I woke up... feeling in a fucked up mood today.... and my friend... told me she just lost her job.. and has no money... I don't have that much money.. but I gave her some dollars... just gave it to her... I didn't say she owes me.. or ask for nothing.. just gave it from the heart... I...
  8. Mi$ta-Murda187

    The Joker TV show Episode 2! I'm a man of my WORD!!!

    Here is the new Joker show!! new episode Look out for the new show every Week... the show will be crazy... :) go here to watch it Joker TV- I'm a man of my word! CLICK HERE to watch And remember put on a happy face!!! and SMILE!
  9. Mi$ta-Murda187

    The Joker TV show! Episode One - Wanna know how I got these scars!? ha ha ha!!

    Here is episode one of The Joker TV show :) where you get to actually see The Joker talk for the first time... Ha ha ha ha!!! have a nice day ! Joker Show- How I got these scars CLICK HERE why so serious? put a smile on that FACE! PS: and yes I aware.. that I have lost my mind!!! ha ha ha!
  10. Mi$ta-Murda187

    The Joker TV show.. has commenced! ha ha ha!

    Well I said I would record something for the show.. and I'm a man of my word.. ! ha ha ha!! Finally you will meet me.. Joker.. face to face... This is just a little intro .... We still have to finish writing.. the full length show... And it will be up by next week :) but here is a little...
  11. Mi$ta-Murda187


    Wow great interview.. I like how he raps backwards.. that shit is crazy! lol
  12. Mi$ta-Murda187

    The Joker... TV show coming to siccness.... very soon!

    Ok so I am The Joker.. and yes.. soon I will be doing a live TV show.. here for the siccness forums. :) I will be drunk.. most of the time.. and it it will be crazy and entertaining... :) But for now.. check out.. this crazy joker laugh... and get ready.. for the TV show which should be...
  13. Mi$ta-Murda187


    Yeah I'm feelin that shit...
  14. Mi$ta-Murda187

    Cold Streets .. song I made..

    this is just some cold hustler.. shit... some deep and just... cold shit.. for real.. made this last week.. while I was just pissed about some shit.. talking about my past.. and the old days.. when I was younger.. Cold Streets CLick Here to Listen
  15. Mi$ta-Murda187

    A song for everyone who is drunk and high!! HELL YEAAA

    damm im flying.. im drunk.;... and feeeling so NICE.... who ever is drunk. or high.... check out this great song.. it relaxes you.. and lets you enjoy the buzz even more.. can someone embed and autoplay this shit for me???? enjoy...
  16. Mi$ta-Murda187

    Bone Thugs and Harmony Reunied (Five Strong)

    Damm I can't wait to hear.. their new songs !
  17. Mi$ta-Murda187

    College Students Support BUSH by wasting Gas! LMAO! wtf?

    Oh shit somebody just sent me this shit! lol these two fools must be drunk. or crazy. hahaahah they Support Bush... by wasting.. gas.. and demand 8 More years in Office!!! loll here's the video lol SUPPORT BUSH! Waste GAS! We Demand 8 more years in Office! Video Click Here what the...
  18. Mi$ta-Murda187

    A spooky.. video from the New World order. .. talking to the free population...

    The New World Order... sent a message to Alex Jones... and addresses the people of the world and to the free world... .here is the video... New World Order speaks to Alex Jones!! Here is what he thinks of THEM....! Alex Jones Speech! POWERFUL! OoooOOOooo Spooky! HA AH AH HAAAAAAA...
  19. Mi$ta-Murda187

    What's the best El Slavadorian Beer!?

    Do any of you know some good El Salvadorian beers? What are the best brands.. most potent.. and best tasting brands? I'm thirsty and wanna drink something new today.